How to turn on Facebook Notifications

Take back control over who you see in your Facebook feed with this easy to follow tip.

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- Best known as “Kurt the CyberGuy,” Kurt Knutsson created the largest syndicated tech lifestyle content franchise on television.

- Kurt’s got an 18-year track record as a trusted source and daily syndicated technology contributor to national and top market television morning news shows, earning two Emmys and a Golden Mic.

-With unique insider access to major tech launches and industry visionaries, Kurt the CyberGuy is one of tech media’s most trusted sources for expert insights and analysis on breaking news and trends out of Silicon Valley.

- From national morning shows to daytime talk TV and major news networks, Kurt Knutsson is a foremost contributor on all things consumer tech — from highlighting the latest and greatest consumer products for making life more efficient and fun to offering up exclusive first looks at news-making technology.

- In addition to wearing the CyberGuy hat, Kurt also oversees a private investment tech fund and enjoys mentoring start-ups and other entrepreneurs who share the same curiosity that attracts technology into his life.


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