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On Sunday, August 30th, the Noderators Supernode group had one of the core developers of the Elastos Unity project, Adem Bilican, on their live stream.

Adem told a story of how he was first introduced to the Elastos project and explained the Elastos Unity project, its overall progress, as well as how it compares to Elastos Trinity.

Around a year ago, Adem Bilican started scrolling through his Reddit page and caught a post created by Kiran Pachhai (KP), VP of Technology of Elastos, who was trying to recruit developers on Reddit to build a React Native…

By Jeremy

Over the past 20 years, musicians of all kinds have slowly but surely relinquished the ownership and rights to their content. Apple takes the lion’s share of iTunes profits, while streaming services like Spotify and Pandora have overtaken the music industry’s revenue streams, leaving artists with pennies on the dollar.

In other words, the platforms that give users access to the artists’ content are the breadwinners in the lucrative music sector. How does this all make sense? Shouldn’t the artists be getting the majority of profits while platforms earn small transaction fees?

Melanie Kramer of Blockchain Land wrote…

By CR Press

Could you tell us a little about yourself and your background?

I am Yunlong Zhou, the CTO of the Shijiu Company. I received a master’s degree in communication and information systems from Shanghai Jiaotong University in 2007 and became a senior specialist in browser and HTML5. I have been engaged in the development of low-level systems driver software and high-level applications since 2005. I have more than 10 years of software development experience and development team management experience, and I am familiar with various operating systems and software architectures. I spent the first 4 years mainly on the graphics side, including low-level driver and high-level application development. In…

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CR Press listed on CoinSpectator

Good news!

Popular news aggregator* CoinSpectator will be adding the CR Press website to its feed.

* A news aggregator is a platform that gathers news from various sources such as blogs, podcasts, and of course news sites, to display in one location for effortless viewing.

CoinSpectator launched in 2013 as a modest crypto-blog and has quickly grown into a real-time news aggregation powerhouse with a visitor base that consist of investors, traders, and general cryptocurrency enthusiasts.

With over one million monthly unique visitors, their inclusion will expose CR Press to an influx of new…

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Can you tell us about your background and how you got involved in Elastos? How did you get to where you are now as Chief Architect? Compared to jobs you’ve taken before, how is the vision and work different or special for you?

I’ve worked in the software and Internet industry for more than 20 years. I joined the company Koretide, established by Rong Chen, in 2002, and I am deeply impressed by the software concept advocated by Rong. In 2003, I was responsible for the development of Electos OS 2.0 for smartphones. By 2007, although the technical…

By Amos T

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CR Press’ very own Amos T clears up the mist around Elastos’ new Leo project, a trusted computing enhancement for the already secure Elastos blockchain architecture.

Earlier this week, Song Bao (CEO of the Manhattan Project) released a statement on Elastos’ trusted computing solution Leo.

Beginning with data security and the current global state of affairs, Song segued into the topic of trusted computing and the much-discussed Leo project to finally announce the launch of the Leo community program.

Community initiators
Zhijun Zhang — Chief Information Security Architect, World Bank
Kevin Zhang — Senior Engineer, Silicon…

Translated by Joel

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Leo, trusted computing, and the World Bank; a translation of the recent statement by Song Bao (CEO of Manhattan Project Fund) on New Internet.

Community Initiators:

Zhijun Zhang — Chief Information Security Architect, World Bank
Kevin Zhang — Senior Engineer, Silicon Valley
Feng Han — Cofounder of Elastos
Long Wang — Vice President of Tencent Cloud
Weimin Xin — Former MSN China CTO
Huabing Yan — Chief System Engineer, Huawei Intelligent Data and Storage
Yanqiang Shi — Founder & Chairman of BLOCK GLOBAL
Song Bao — CEO of Manhattan Project Fund
Xitao Wu — CEO of Red Brick Square
Jianing Yu — President of…

By Jeremy

The U.S. state and county governments are a bunch of sitting ducks.

Russia infamously attacked the U.S. presidential election in 2016 by hacking the voter database systems. And in a recent article about protecting the databases, Reuters profiled how U.S. Intelligence Officials and cybersecurity specialists plan to combat these hacks.

Ransomware has been the most prevalent and popular means to seize data and systems, and state and local governments have been the biggest target in these ransomware attacks.

Hackers have successfully infiltrated these systems and held them hostage in return for cryptocurrency in places such as Texas, Baltimore…

By Amos T

CR Press’ very own Amos T breaks down the recently released Cyber Republic Consensus Whitepaper.

The first version of the whitepaper was released earlier this week on the joint anniversary of Elastos and CR. The document details how the Cyber Republic DAO will operate and gives us a peek at what the future of our ecosystem could look like.

Read a summary of the whitepaper.
Read the complete CRC Whitepaper.

The CRC whitepaper is currently maintained and amended by a workgroup of the Elastos Foundation. The workgroup can be reached via email at, and any…


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A DAO is an entity or organization that aims to run a transparent business enterprise in which decision-making processes are enforced digitally using the power of blockchain. With the emergence of smart contracts, the concept of DAO has become more prevalent in the cryptocurrency space.

Some examples of DAOs are Bitcoin, DigixDAO, and MakerDAO.

Why do we need a DAO? What makes a DAO so different in the traditional sense?

While people are becoming accustomed to news of corporate collapses and scandals due to corruption and misconduct by management, a new way of running businesses with…

Cyber Republic

A diverse, robust community of skill-focused sub-groups whose leaders, developers, and organizers are working together to promote Elastos in our communities.

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