I’m reproducing an article that quoted me with regard to the title ‘Keeping children safe’.

Mango Education’s next Open House webinar is all about cybersecurity for kids

“I’ve stopped worrying about screen time during the lockdown,” says a mother of two. Keeping kids occupied at a time when everyone is indoors is tough and access to the Internet seems to form a big part of keeping children entertained and busy. Schools have also moved online, conducting classes through various video-conferencing apps. Amid all this looms the question of cyber security.

This is what Coimbatore-based cyber law advocate S Sathya Narayanan is going to address in his webinar, Cyber Security for children, conducted as part of Mango Education’s Open House sessions. …

Google Pay shows no respect for the law of land, abuses its supremacy in the industry.

Google Pay & the Rs. 251 Diwali Stamp hunt.

Google has explicitly mentioned in its Terms & Conditions (Under Game Rules) that, “This offer is not available to residents of the state of Tamil Nadu”, this is in connection with the Tamil Nadu Prize Schemes (Prohibition) Act, 1979. Salient feature:: Punishment: Minimum 3 Months to Maximum 3 Years. Section 7 of the Act deals with the Offences by companies, where the liability falls upto the Director / CEO.

The act very clearly segregates the act of gambling apart from SKILL BASED GAMES.The three necessary elements to attribute a particular activity (game or contest)., …

When a common day to day wage earner has been cheated, he ought to run to a nearest police station, but, when the a chief justice of the top most courts in India has a problem, he too has to take the walk to the nearest police station.

Justice RM Lodha

On 19th April, 2019 — Rtd. Justice RM Lodha was sitting in his retirement house sipping some coffee, when he received a mail from Justice B.P.Singh. He regularly correspond through email with his friend and colleague, Justice (retd) B.P. Singh from the very same ID for a very long sime. …

What Swiggy has done is beyond being Bad-ass!. It has created a menu placement for the “Nation’s need” and encourages its users to ‘go and vote’. This is true CSR and not mere alternative advertising carried out by firms in the name of corporate social responsibility. This is really a wonderful gesture from the food delivery tycoon. If you run a business or a start-up that involves integration with your customers, so send out similar twinge messages and encourage them to go out and vote.
#VoteKaroPhirSwiggykaro. #Election2019.

(originally posted on June 14th, 2014 in my personal blog)

It was 2001, a year past millennium, full of hopes I visited Residency, Coimbatore along with my dad for a Computer Exhibition. It was a pretty cool event where they showcased loads of computers of Pentium III and also showed VoIP services as a interstellar device. I saw a HCL Beanstalk, a perfectly built back edition which costed 60,000/-, that was a huge some of amount (still is) which we couldn’t dream of. …

(You’ll probably be seeing this as generic statements in every company’s declaration on to its footer or mailers, no one really gave a damn about it, but as a matter of fact, if you did, or if you’ve been advocating your friends not to fall in traps of such scams, things would have been great now.)

Over the period of 6 months, I’ve been witnessing people brooding over losing of money to scammers who portray themselves as recruiters of MNCs & Companies that offer job either overseas or within reputed institutions in the country.

First and foremost, never ever entertain calls made to you directly over phone/Email/LinkedIn or for god sake Facebook. If you aren’t sure if things are fine, feel free to talk to brights among your circle and talk a word before proceeding, don’t worry they aren’t going to steal your 1.5 Cr Google Offer. A simple google search could reveal more about a recruitment firm, don’t restrict yourself to first 10 pages of the search result. …

As a bonus for dropping by this post, here is Enough of Sarahah, a Google Chrome extension developed by ‘anshulmittal712’, this extension blocks or removes content that has the phrase ‘sarahah’ in your feed, and re-renders the page without the clutters of sarahah posts.

On a legal overview, Section 503 (Sending threatening messages by email — Criminal Intimidation), Section 509 (Word, gesture or act intended to insult the modesty of a woman), Section 499(Sending defamatory messages by e-mail), Section 506 (Punishment for criminal intimidation), Section 507 (Criminal intimidation by an anonymous communication) of Indian Penal Code can be applied for any crime committed by means of Sarahah or any tool for that matter. …

First and foremost, some basics. Ransomware is a tool/software that loads into one’s PC without genuine authorization, runs their encryption code, and displays a pop-up demanding money to decrypt the file in exchange for money.

In the case of WannaCry, it is BitCoin, a cryptocurrency, used as an alternative for real money. The current value of 1 BTC is $1904/- , which amounts to ₹1,25,000/- in Indian Money. Anyone can have a BitCoin Wallet to Mine, Earn, Transfer, Receive, Trade money over the net, and there is no need to pay any taxes to the government. The fun part is that BitCoin is LEGAL in most countries. What makes cryptocurrency unique is the blockchain mechanism of transaction. To understand it in simple terms, Mike Bullok explains the concept of blockchain in simple terms in a LinkedIn Article. …

Services ranging from Banking Websites to that of Social Networking Sites, secure password is a ‘thing’. Its quite unclear whether these password criterias are designed to secure our account from hackers, or secure the bank from users. Because not every tom dick and harry is good at being creative in setting up an amazing password. Oh wait! Your innovation doesn’t last for long, as most of banking sites mandate a 120 day password change! So, don’t think that your creative password would stay for long!

Before we go into the post, let's take things light, here is a standup performance by Naveen…

Right to Internet Access is a part of Fundamental Right of Expression -Supreme Court

Sabu Mathew George filed a Public Interest Litigation seeking strict adherence of all content on search engines related to Section 22 of PCPNDT Act. This section of Pre-Conception and Pre-Natal Diagnostic Techniques (Regulation and Prevention of Misuse Act), 1994 talks about Prohibition of advertisement relating to pre-natal determination of sex and punishment for contravention.

A bench of three led by Justice Dipak Misra, held the prohibition should kick in only if the content found online is violative of Section 22. The three Internet search engines — Microsoft, Google India and Yahoo! India — gave their assurances to the Supreme Court that they would neither advertise nor sponsor advertisements violative of the PNPCDT Act and have already appointed ‘in-house’ experts to spot illegal content and pull them down. …


Sathya Narayanan Subramanian

Cyber Crime Advocate. Practicing in Madras High Court & District Court of Coimbatore.

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