Hiring SCAMs! Don’t get hunted!

(You’ll probably be seeing this as generic statements in every company’s declaration on to its footer or mailers, no one really gave a damn about it, but as a matter of fact, if you did, or if you’ve been advocating your friends not to fall in traps of such scams, things would have been great now.)

Over the period of 6 months, I’ve been witnessing people brooding over losing of money to scammers who portray themselves as recruiters of MNCs & Companies that offer job either overseas or within reputed institutions in the country.

First and foremost, never ever entertain calls made to you directly over phone/Email/LinkedIn or for god sake Facebook. If you aren’t sure if things are fine, feel free to talk to brights among your circle and talk a word before proceeding, don’t worry they aren’t going to steal your 1.5 Cr Google Offer. A simple google search could reveal more about a recruitment firm, don’t restrict yourself to first 10 pages of the search result.

Truncate conversations who persuade you to give them your documents to get a job sooner than you think, there are few butchers who get hold your original documents and demand money in order to return, this is very prevalent in Bangalore, No Offense, always only give self attested photocopies of the documents and always have the originals only with you.

No one really offers job abroad just because you have a great fancy facebook profile picture. Please don’t go through their so called ‘Visa Process’ and fall into the pithole. You’ll never endup in Canada, you’ll endup in your hometown broken down after losing lakhs of rupees.

There seems to exist this fancy word ‘Backdoor Entry’, by which brokers charge you hefty to walk you past the interview process and get you an assured job, but do you think these companies are fools to let one such thing happen? Even if you have a clean chit, policy driven companies screen their employees for skills every quarter and you’ll be out of the game in no time.

The easiest way to enter a company is by attending on-campus Interviews, and if you’ve moved past it, then its going to be walkins & only walkins. There is no shortcut to getting a job(apart from genuine referrals from friends & family ONLY, which is way too obvious). The mantra for getting a job quick is networking & expressing your skills on adequate avenues. (Content Writing on Blogspot; Creative Designing on Behance; Software Projects on GitHub; There are many such places for each and every domain, find them, master them.)

If you think your online presence doesn’t really workout well, go out there to the world. Join groups and communities that are aligning with your interest. Search for your keywords on Meetup & just sit for two events and see if anything interesting is going around. Most of the startup companies and emerging SMEs visit events often for good connects, you’ll never know, there are way too many startups lining up to hire a potential talent. Confining yourself within four walls doesn’t really help

If you followed what I said above, you would have landed in a job in few weeks. Ok, you tried all these and it didn’t really work? If you consider yourself not talented(no offence), Infosys & Tata Consultancy Services do walkins for BPO every single month, jump into one of them and you’ll surely need to earn something for your bread & butter, this should keep your fed until you get better options. Again, the key word is “Network”, trust me, its pure magic

All the best, happy job hunting. Just that, don’t get hunted !