Late evening soap operas a mastermind for Cybercrime incidents?

We were dealing with a case that involved a boy(X) blackmailing a girl(Y) with a video of their coitus that happened four years back. Out of no-where, the guy has sent the girl some threatening messages on whatsapp saying that X would post the videos online before 12, if Y doesn’t submise to X’s demands. Y did not wish to take the matter to her parents or to the department, so we had to track down X’s location and give a surprise visit to his house in the middle of the night. Without any disclosure about the case, let me come to the part which really gave me the shock.

I came back home little late in the morning after trying our best to wrap off the issue. As usual woke up late, and when I came to the living room, my mom was watching her usual soap operas (TV Serials) in Sun TV. It was retelecasting a show that was telecasted the previous night (or she was watching a recorded version, not sure). It was “ பிரியமானவள்” — Piriyamanaval, a story about a mother and her three sons (where am I going?). It was the part where the guy would be blackmailing the girl with obscured imaged, and, what the real shocker was the itinerary of conversations. It was exactly in-tact with the evidences we collected and it was Déjà vu. Turned out that our X was intoxicated, sitting with his family and watching the soap opera — Piriyamanaval and within minutes, X took his phone and used the same tactic to blackmail Y.

Sad that he did not know what to do after the soap was over. He went off to bed, and we had to wake him up.

This was just my experience, the next shocking thing was that when my mom changed to some other channel, it also had a blackmail technique, which was pretty innovative and trace-free. She changed to some hindi channel, it too had something of that kind. And, then back to Vijay TV with a dubbed hindi channel, where the character would be blackmailed not for coitus, but for money in exchange to stay zip about the biological patents of a new born son.

As funny as it may all sound, its terrifying when you are in the shoes of the person who is about to be a victim of such crimes. Irrespective of whether the blackmailer decides to act harsh or not, the fear of being vulnerable could send a negative effect rippling towards decisions such as suicide attempts or even send a mob to kill this guy(I seriously wish). There are so many deaths across the state that have gone unreported, most of them being covered with fake reasons such as heart-attack.

A word of advice is that feel free to talk to your parents always, in-case of any untoward incidents. It's completely fine and 99% they would be able to come-up with a heart to understand the situation and guide you. And, a word of advice to the parents, its better to have your kid grounded later rather than being cremated now. I seriously mean it, spend some time with them and solve the issues, rather than forcing them to take decisions on their own.

There are initiatives by private concerns which gives the potential victims an anonymous way to get their issues sorted out. I’ll be listing out few of them in few days.

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