Sarahah, a troll’s magic wand!

As a bonus for dropping by this post, here is Enough of Sarahah, a Google Chrome extension developed by ‘anshulmittal712’, this extension blocks or removes content that has the phrase ‘sarahah’ in your feed, and re-renders the page without the clutters of sarahah posts.

On a legal overview, Section 503 (Sending threatening messages by email — Criminal Intimidation), Section 509 (Word, gesture or act intended to insult the modesty of a woman), Section 499(Sending defamatory messages by e-mail), Section 506 (Punishment for criminal intimidation), Section 507 (Criminal intimidation by an anonymous communication) of Indian Penal Code can be applied for any crime committed by means of Sarahah or any tool for that matter.

People love anonymity, the word anonymous became famous after Orkut, once flaunted by Google had a feature where people can anonymously post comments or make posts and interest with one another. Infact Facebook had a rollout featuring Anonymous posting of content, but later withdrew.

Many consider themselves as Elite, as they do not have a Sarahah profile and they assume it is for showoffs and kids who like to play around. Should Sarahah be put to real use, it could do wonders in personality development, by giving key pointers for an individual an opportunity to know about himself and mend his actions for the betterment of himself and people around him.

What has happened on the other hand is heavy trolls and misuse of an anonymity. As a person who watches out Cyber Law and deals with Cyber Crime cases. Sarahah is not completely anonymous, and they are bound to have IP logs in their servers which could always be retrieved to match the IP and pinpoint it to a particular person. It is quite an time consuming process, but is possible. So, there is no such thing as complete anonymity. Of-course, you cannot get instant data, but there are ways to tackle if serious problems are to arise. And, this below steps are self-help for people who thing they can work it out themselves, if you feel things are going out of hand, you can always get in touch with an expert or reach out to your nearest Cyber Cell and register a complaint.

How do I narrow down to the troll?


  • I see that most of them have posted the sarahah link by means of Instagram. If you’ve done so, take a snapshot of your current followers-list, and this could come handy in narrowing down.
  • Immediately make your profile private, and ensure that you’ve a closed circle. This experiment would come handy if your actions are unannounced.
  • If you have the habit of posting them as stories, keep a watch for frequent visitors or stalkers who do not talk to you, yet keep watching your stories, chances of them being a suspect is high!
  • Take screenshot of your stories views and correspond them to the times of posts made at Sarahah.


This is not a quick solution, but a self-help to save the trouble of relaying on others and making use of existing features.

  • Make your posts with your privacy settings as friends-only.
  • Take a complete backup of your profile via profile settings. (you’ll get a download link from facebook with a file size around 1GB.)
  • Now, divide your friendlist into 10 sections, and add each section of users into a facebook list.
  • Create 10 Sarahah profiles individually for each list.
  • Keep a tab on which Sarahah profile is for which ground of people.
  • Repeat the process to narrow down the set of users.

Other Options:

  • You can make use of url shorteners which record IP addresses, thereby you can have a tag over unwitting trolls.
  • Make short url of your Sarahah profile using services such as Taveo, Grabify, IPLogger.
  • These URL Shorteners will record IP data, and you can use them to have an rough idea of the user’s locality or user’s network. Although dynamic IP is no not much use to and end user like you, it’ll be a vital info for Cyber Cell to narrow down culprits.