Stalking Victim’s Guide to facebook.

It's evident that everyone has a second life on facebook. Experts calls it as one’s digital presence. As much as digital presence is needed, a check for vulnerability is also vital. To cut short, here are few simple steps that you’ll need to take, if you are being stalked or you fear of becoming a victim of stalking.

Skim through your friends list

Go through your facebook friend’s list and see if you PERSONALLY know each and every single person on your list. Irrespective of whether its a barbie doll photo or Shahrukh’s six pack as profile picture, if you are not sure who it is, remove him/her immediately. No worries, if they miss you, let them send you a request again.

(if you are keen on socializing, add them to your restricted list and share very less personal information during chat sessions)

Who can look me up?

It basically means, who can search you by means of your email ID. Its better to change it to ‘Friends’, to avoid unnecessary trouble.

Who can look you up using the phone number you provided?

This is serious stuff, your mobile number can travel faster than the speed of light, and is more infamous than the 51 in Area 51 and 370 in MH-370. Similarities? They are mystery, so is your contact number going around.

Limiting Friends List visibility

This is something that you should do, as well as something that your friends should do, insist them. blackmail them, if you need to.

The last resort.

I know that you all love your fancy facebook username. But, you’ll have to forgo them just like how arya stark had to forgo her name. (well, she didn’t, but still you should.) Changing your username frequently keeps you off the stalker’s bookmark list. By this, you’ll have opportunity to flaunt your new super awesome usernames.

Install facebook’s messenger and edit your username, keep it moving.

What you shouldn’t do?

  • Never de-activate your profile. There is no need for you to hide.
  • Do not abuse or provoke someone on social media, just because you can.
  • Don’t shy away from asking for expert’s help.
  • Don’t ever feel bad to talk to your well wishes about your issues, irrespective of how-small it is.
  • Don’t play the victim card unless and until you suspect trouble.

In case you are in EMERGENCY, please call 100. Get things informed to your parents or well-wishers and file a FIR. If you need further legal assistance, you can reach me at 9566498903 or

As I always say, your job isn’t over by just reporting incidents to police. You need to take personal efforts to reach the right set of people at the right time, to help you with their technical expertise. I’ll be populating list of verified experts in each city soon. *keep watching this space*