The 10 Digit Saga & Right to Privacy.

The intrusive use of reverse lookup services such as TrueCaller had been giving common citizens some of the worst wrong number call experiences over the past year. I hope the team takes this issue seriously. For the benefit of doubt, here is how it happens.

  • Stalker installs TrueCaller into his Phone.
  • Gets online and opens up the TrueDialer to randomly type 10 Digits of numbers
  • TrueCaller now searches for contact details and within moments it fetches a name and a small profile thumbnail.
  • Next the Stalker saves the contact number in his phone’s memory.
  • Our indeginious App now fetches more details of the number such as Facebook link and connected sites. Apart from which an added bonus of full scale header image of the TrueCaller profile.
  • Stalker targets victims who look good and starts making calls, Strike One.
  • Then, if the person on the other side disconnects or doesn’t co-operate, the Stalker posts the number on random groups with Fake Identities.
  • The person on the other end fed-up with random calls during odd timings gets annoyed and frustrated.
  • The person on the other end decides to change the number all-together.

What are the odds?

Now that being said, what are the odds that the person wouldn’t be targetted again via another Reverse Lookup Service? The right to privacy comes in handy as most sites that are online operate out of US or UK. Both countries have strict governance on Right to Privacy. Thanks to those developed countries, we can also enjoy the fruits of their law.


In case you receive such inappropriate calls, make sure to first Google Search your number.

  • Take list of all sites that display your number.
  • Google has the option to remove personal options from its search results if the owner of such personal information decides to do so.
  • Visit this link to access the Personal Information Removal page.
  • Give the context of issue and the link.
  • You can keep track of such removals via Dashboard.

Once the content is off the search result, now it’s the work for individual sites. You can drop a request to individual sites' webmaster which is usually “”, and this request will be obliged in most cases as they have no interest in holding you hostile with personal data. That being said, it’s easy to get such issues solved provided you have some patience and loads of free time left to counteract each and every posts.

Simpler solution?

Get yourself out of TrueCaller via unlist feature. This way, you save a lot of time while the team at TrueCaller really works out a solution for this havock.

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