The Whatsapp Buying & its impending danger.

Whatsapp’s platform availability as a cross platform application

It’s the startup age and things are catching up in India, the most amazing thing that has been happening over Whatsapp, apart from the chats & free VoIP calls are the Whatsapp Businesses. On a lighter note, these businesses are great, you get to buy things by just seeking some sample product images and likewise, the seller is more than convenient to do a home business and most of the new-gen-home-makers are into these businesses. Which is pretty great to see, but on the heavier part, these are totally off-the-books, and there is no one to take control or to complain.

There is an impending need for Escrow Services in these petty businesses, as it is both safe for the seller as well as the buyer. When I mention the word Escrow, please don’t get carried away, you can always substitute it with a payment gateway, who does almost a similar job while providing 30 day dispute resolution timeline.

There are many cyber-crime activities happening across the country especially after the social networking stuff, and its not always easy to make an hard choice of lodging a police complaint now and then. (To put it in simpler terms, they’ve got better jobs to do).

Let me give you some examples to elucidate what we are dealing with here,

  • Sellers aren’t transparent and trustworthy. You do not have any idea about the quality of the product. There is no law binding them for the quality of materials they give it to you. And, their words cannot be trusted.
  • Buyer’s deposit money on to the seller’s BANK ACCOUNT and there is no guarantee that you’ll have the product delivered. Probably, there’ll be a trust factor for repeat customers, but the first-timers are going to have a hard time.

How to play safe in Whatsapp Buying?

  • DO NOT buy from a seller if he/she doesn’t have a payment gateway.
  • DO NOT directly deposit cash to strangers’ accounts, irrespective of how many 50% & 80% offers he gives you.
  • DO NOT personally visit a person and get the products either, unless and until its a business outlet irrespective of home-setup or a exclusive shop.
  • Google the whatsapp number before buying to see if there are any posts or threads in forums reporting any incident or negative feedback.

Seller’s last resort: The only way you can win over customers and run a safe business for yourself is by involving a third party escrow services, as told earlier, in our case, a payment gateway that works well in India. I would suggest people to go with InstaMojo, PayUMoney & PayTM all these payment gateways play a major role and often give you an zero setup fee, which means, you do not spend a single penny on getting this installed for your business. When a customer likes the product, send him a customized payment receipt from these services, and you can collect money without a hassle.

And, the end card here is that, customers can still have the perks of browsing from difference galleries and ping the seller for product, bargain, get custom-made and then finally get your product as safe as possible with a 30 day refund policy. That’s like an Amazon from/for every home! Happy shopping!

Disclaimer: Whatsapp, Paytm, PayUmoney, Instamojo are all registered trademark of their respective owners, they’ve been sited here for information purposes only.