What is Polybius?

Who are we? Digital generation! What do we need? Banking institution with a progressive approach!


A fully digital bank accessible everywhere. Combines features of modern banking, IoT, Big Data and Blockchain-based technologies while also meeting security and UX requirements.


Lack of digitalization in existing financial services. Absence of all encompassing digital ecosystem.

Main Innovation:

Digital Pass (uses permission-based blockchain) — a secure digital substitute for physical identification documents. The Digital Pass technology, developed by HashCoins (company founded by Polybius founders) and implemented into Polybius Bank, serves as an automation and digitalization ecosystem.

Tokens: issued via crowdsale

PLBT tokens; Profit rights: 20% of Polybius’ profit is proportionally distributed among token holders


Open API; Decentralised data storage for personal data;Secure mechanisms of identification (biometrics); AI for data evaluation

Makes possible:

Less operational expenses for the bank==> more efficient cost/revenue ratio; Online scalable financial infrastructure for businesses and individuals


Polybius whitepaper

Polybius website

Medium: Polybius Bank Project