How to buy CyberTron?

A step-by-step guide that explains how u first can buy Tron (TRX) and exchange it to CyberTron (CTRX).

What do I need to buy CyberTron (CTRX)?
 • A Tron Wallet (wallet that supports all Tron-tokens for example GoSeedit, Tron Wallet Android or TronScan). If u don’t know how to make one check our guide here.
 • The Private Key of your TronWallet (The private key is like your password, don’t share it with anyone it will give u acces to all your funds).
 •CyberTron can only be bought with Tron (TRX). So your Tron Wallet needs to contain enough TRX to buy the CyberTron and pay the transaction. The current price in pré-sale: 1 CyberTron (CTRX) is equal to 1 Tron (TRX). If u want to know how to buy TRX. It will be explained as well in this article.

Follow the steps to buy your CyberTron (CTRX)

Step 1: Go to the website
Please always check if it’s the official link, it needs to have the capital ‘T’ in the middle.

Step 2: Click on “Open Wallet” in the upper right corner of the menu at Tron Scan and enter your private key and click on “Sign in”. You will get instant access to your wallet.

Step 2: Click on “Open wallet” and sumbit your private key to login.

Step 3: Once you have logged into your wallet. Click on “participate” in the right corner. Make sure you’re still on the right website.

Step 3: Click in the right corner on “Participate”.

Step 4: Choose the amount of CyberTron u want to buy. The current price in pré-sale: 1 CyberTron (CTRX) is equal to 1 Tron (TRX). Sumbit the number of tokens u want to buy and click on ‘participate’.

Please note: CyberTron has special discounts for investors who buy at least 5000 CyberTron. More info about the discounts u can find here.

Step 4: Choose the amount of CyberTron u want to buy.

Step 5: Check the transaction. Is this really the amount of CyberTron u want to buy? If the numbers are right, and u accept the trade click on “confirm”. Make sure you have enough TRX in your account.

Step 5: Confirm the transaction

Step 6: The transaction takes a few seconds to progress. After that u will get a message that the transaction is confirmed.

Step 5: The Transaction is confirmed.

Step 7: Congratulations. You are now the owner of some CyberTron (CTRX). U should be able to see the balance of your CyberTron directly in your wallet.

We advise you to store the CyberTron in a save, reliable wallet. CyberTrons expects that the value of 1 CTRX = 1 TRX will be a multiple of this once we launch LYLA Q2 2019.

How do I buy Tron (TRX)? 
There are several ways to buy TRX. TRX is listed on many exchanges like KuCoin or Binance. Find a full list of all the exchanges that support TRX here.
On most exchanges u can’t buy TRX direct. U first need to buy Ethereum or Bitcoin and then trade it for TRX. The next step will be to withdraw the tokens from the exchange to your Tron-wallet.

  1. Choose a exchange and broker wich u want to use to buy your TRX and sign up on these platforms.
  2. Buy Ethereum on a broker (for example Coinbase).
  3. Send the Ethereum to the exchange. Go in the exchange to Ethereum Funds, and click on ‘Deposit” u will get a unique Ethereum Wallet adress.
  4. Trade your Ethereum to TRX by using the exchange. Every exchange works differently. But steps will be similar to this. Click on ‘Markets’ then choose “TRX/ETH”. Sumbit the amount u want to buy and click on “Buy TRX”.
  5. The next step is to send your TRX to your tronwallet. First click on “funds’ search for TRX in the list and click on “withdraw”. Copy the Public Wallet addres of your Tron Wallet and paste it in “Withdrawal adress”. Choose the amounts, and check the transaction. If you’re sure the adress is right click on ‘Confirm”. Some exchange use extra confirm settings (like 2FA, or a extra confirm e-mail). Once the transaction is confirmed. It will be send to your Tron Wallet. This can take up to a hour.

Buy TRX with your creditcard fast by using Changelly.
With Changelly, u can easy buy your TRON without needing to buy Ethereum first and withdraw your TRX later. U wil need a creditcard that supports VISA to use Changelly. U will first need to sign up on their website. U will need to verify your account with KYC. (Providing pictures your creditcard, your ID and a selfie of u holding the cards). In the picture below u will find the steps to buy a token on changelly, wich u can find here:

If u have any questions about CyberTron, check the telegram and feel free to PM one of the admins. They are there to help u!

Where can I find more information about Cybertron?
·The Website:
· The Whitepaper:
·The Official Telegram:

·Cybertron Official: 
·Cybertron Korea:
·CyberTron NL + BE:
·CyberTron India:
·CyberTron Malysia/Indonesia:
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·CyberTron DEX Exchange: