A note To Laura Kate Dale

The dev got so many death threats as a result of Laura and Jim’s unnecessary shit-stirring that he decided to change the name of the game. Then after an outpouring of support from gamers, the folks who quite unlike Laura, Jim, and their equally insipid social justice peers actually buy games, the dev announced that he was considering changing the game’s name back. This of course didn’t sit well with the social justice crowd, who continued to fuck with the guy.

Now, all of that is screwed up, but the original instigators, Laura and Jim Sterling, straight-up lied about the nature of the threats that the poor dev received both before and after he changed his mind, falsely characterizing them as having come from gamers while outright ignoring the hand that they both had to play in the whole alarming debacle.

That, my friend, is some fucked up shit, no? They whipped the social justice crowd into a frothing frenzy and then tried to pretend like they didn’t, and worse, blamed gamers for the consequences of their own actions. What skeevy little shitheads the two are.

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