Rarepepe is the most innovative project in the crypto space…Seriously
Koji Higashi

Systems for digital ownership has a low and a high value use case.

In the low value use case, it provides a convenient way for voluntary compliance with terms of use. You post your art and an attached wallet, and those who wish to comply can send you money for uses. You might be able to shame a non-complier into paying you for use, but that enforcement is pretty expensive and error prone, which lowers the value of the system.

The more high value use case is when enforcement is relatively cheap and reliable. For this, you need a trusted 3rd party who can effectively handle the overhead costs of enforcement (cost use of force if you want to go full government-theory). If you already have a trusted third party you don’t need blockchain.

So, this still seems like a low-value dead end for blockchain.

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