Time to Git Up!

By Brad Budge, Director of Business Development Canada

We have all felt that feeling when you first wake up at some point in our lives. You’re lying in bed and the alarm goes off and you just want to stay there. In my case, the first thing that went through my head this morning is I am NOT getting up to learn or talk about Git!

Anybody who’s ever used Git would concur that the day ahead of me is going to be painful. Well, Mr. Torvalds (the inventor of Linux and Git) built Git to solve his problems with no team to give it a pretty UI and beautiful documentation. This TED talk reveals a lot about why Git is the way it is, check it out!

Running Git help -a returns 146 commands. These commands have no distinction between what is known as plumbing and porcelain (user-friendly) commands. Each of these commands has a number of options, like Git checkout -f vs -m, etc. There’s a lot to know and to truly master.

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