There is this idea and it is sitting in my brain, locked like a prisoner because I am an attorney and not an app maker. This is just waiting to happen and I actually need it to happen.

With technologies such as periscope and the twitter platform there seems to be an opportunity for live and recorded focus groups. As a trial attorney I focus group cases for local venues anywhere from a dozen to several dozen times before trial. However, if I were a national manufacturer the same technology and application could be utilized to do focus groups for national markets with very specific demographics.

The presentation is loaded onto the app and paid for by the party that needs the focus group. Focus group members sign up for the app and list all of their demographics and get paid by the presenter, based on their participation and probably a survey at the end of the presentation. An embedded question midway through the presentation is determinative as to whether the participant was active or passive and that determines the weight and if they are paid for participation. Focus group members could literally be sitting at the terminal waiting on a plane or at the dentist office or in que at Starbucks.

The use of focus groups for every kind of business really opens up if we go a little beyond ideas like survey monkey or maybe this is a marriage to existing ideas like survey monkey?

The technology already exists, can someone make this happen? #SXSW #technology #applications #periscope #twitter #focusgroups