How an ideal field sales executive spends his day

What the mornings before office look like

Efficient field sales representatives love to wake up early in the morning — as they say — early to bed, early to rise, makes a man healthy, wealthy, and wise. The daily routine of a typical sales executive goes something like below:

After waking up, the first thoughts in the mind of the field sales executive are his work plans for the day. As he gets up from the bed, and brushes his teeth, he prepares a rough itinerary as to what he is going to accomplish through the day. The workout also helps him to remain energetic and fresh throughout the day. After the workout, he goes through his usual routine, and while he is in the washroom, he chalks out a plan as to how he is going to accomplish the things that he has planned out for the day. Once he is ready to take on the day, he grabs a healthy breakfast to help him get through a day as difficult as he plans to make it.

How the sales representative plans his time in the office

The ideal sales representative focuses his thoughts on the tasks for the day as he commutes to the office. The first thing that he does when he reaches the office is to jot down the itinerary for the day — he makes a to-do list of the tasks that he has to accomplish today. After the planning session, the sales representative allocates the first hour of his time in the office to follow up on all his clients to check if they need anything more from his side. Once, he is done with following up, he makes adjustments to his itinerary if and when a client needs something from his side. Then, he reports to the field sales manager, and asks for his insights on his daily plans and what changes can he make in his plans to make his work efficient. He inculcates the manager’s inputs into his plans so that he can be his most productive self every day.

Meeting prospective clients

This is the most important part of the day for every field sales representative. He meets the prospective clients as scheduled earlier, and explains to them in the best manner possible, the advantages of the products and the services that he offers. He talks to the clients, explains to them how the particular product or service that he offers will help serve their best business interests. After the sales pitch, he offers the clients the terms of contracts and agreements and completes the sale. A good sales representative can easily sense when the client is eager to purchase the product or the service that he offers and upsells his offer to make maximum profit for the company.

Most field sales representative can easily schedule multiple meetings with prospective clients every day, so that they can maximise their work efficiency and beat their targets. As an ideal field sales representative, it is his duty to report to the sales manager after every client meeting, and update the sales manager about the proceedings of the meeting, be it positive or negative. After providing an update to the manager, an ideal field sales representative always welcomes constructive criticism and feedback, and inculcates the changes that the manager suggests.

At home, after the office

After completing all the tasks that he had scheduled in the morning, the sales representative reports to the sales manager and updates him regarding the outcome of the work that he had planned for the day. As he reaches home, he reflects on his work performance throughout the day, and thinks about what he could have done better which would have made him more efficient. After he reaches home, he spends some quality time with his family, and attends to their needs and requirements.

How the Cygneto Field Sales App can help sales representative

The Cygneto Field Sales App is one of the top ways which can help the field sales representatives increase their work efficiency. When a field sales representative uses the field sales app, it can help him report the proceedings of a client meeting to the managers. Moreover, every time that he makes a sale, the Cygneto Field Sales App can update the manager about it. Hence, the sales representatives can capitalise on the time which they utilise to provide updates to the managers to improve their work efficiency and overall coordination.