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Test the new version at :

Here are the updates made so far :

- Cut on sales on fiat payments are now reduced to 0% from the previous 6%, this is done beacouse people might be skeptic at first concerning Cygnus digital currency usage, by doing so we are giving major credibility to the project. This update makes our platform totally free of cut on sales, which is the main key feature in our platform and the best offer on internet.

- 3D models & In-game 3D models prototype sections added; the market size of this industry is about 3B$; Meaning once again Cygnus marketplace is able to save several hundreds of millions of USD dollars more to business & individuals.

- The following sections have been added in prototype mode :

  • Music/audio
  • Graphics/digital art/photo
  • Film/video/tv
  • E-books
  • Documents
  • Courses

- Cygnus marketplace has exceeded 80.000 signups, with hundreds of thousands of visits per month.

- The platform has achieved over 125.000 downloads so far; almost all from Cygnus browser software.

- Many positive comments & also a few negative comments concerning Cygnus browser have been posted by its users ; The version available on Cygnus marketplace is just the first release of the Beta version of the browser, it is still under testing and it is not working fully nor operating at the best of its possibilities. The Android & Ios apps haven’t been released yet. This is just the beginning! The hype has yet to come!

- Cygnus marketplace mobile website and ios/android apps will be released once the V.1.2 of the marketplace is going to be released.

- A series of Blockchain-based video games have been added to Cygnus Marketplace. We now host : Mega cryptopolis, War field, Warriders, Crypto Fight, Neoworld, Hashrush.

- Soon Cygnus marketplace will host Crazeshine, the first official video game from Cygnus blockchain Ltd. Which among the other features integrates blockchain payments & bets; Check these 2 articles to learn more about it : a) b)

- Bitcoin payments have been removed from Cygnus marketplace due to high volatility, we will re-activate them when and if Bitcoin’s price will stabilize.

- Filters are still disabled

- We’re waiting to host our own private server and change website provider to add filters, related categories & host the downloads on our platform without any third parties. After that Cygnus marketplace V.1.2 will come out, a lot better than before in terms of design, functionalities and usability, prototype sections are going to be eliminated and full functional sections are going to be released. This will be a big step for us.

- Cygnus project & Cygnus marketplace revenue comes from : a) App/Video game listing fee, b) Developing and releasing video games/apps published by Cygnus blockchain Ltd. + the relative in-app/in-game items & services c) Advertising on the platform/s d) Premium features on the platform/s e) Continuous development of new products and services

Cygnus marketplace provide enormous real benefits to anyone in the world, we are the only platform worldwide which is able to save hundreds of billions of dollars per year, if not trillions due to market growth to business & individuals around the world; when the world will realize this, the full potential of Cygnus will come out.


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