Ray, Amber and the Rainbow at the farthest corner of the world

When Neera and Bhaumik were not born.

Somewhere in some other world there were two kids Ray and Amber. They resided near to each other, their homes separated by a small green hill. There were no summers there. Only light winters and rains.

Every afternoon, when the sun assumed balmy shine, both of them used to ascend the hill to meet at the top. That used to be the best time of the day. The few hours of togetherness gave them dollops of happiness.

Talking, laying down together, seeing the birds flying in flocks in the sky, counting the numbers in each flock, and running down the green hill together and climbing it back to say good bye. They had to meet at the centre of the hill to bid good bye, everyday.

One day, while reclining on the grass, both looked up at the sky. The hues were certainly changing. The ivory was having hints of greys. The air had moisture and wetness. Both looked at each other and smiled. They knew that the rainy season is around the corner. Both immediately rose up and reminded each other of the promise .. of the plan …they had made few months back. This time they had planned to travel and go across to that farthest corner of the world to see the Rainbow. That evening they separated to meet again tomorrow morning to begin the sojourn to the rainbow.

Early morning amongst a light drizzle, they set off. Stepping up the hill and stepping down the hill and stepping up another hill . Holding hands they traversed a short distance and came across a valley. A valley of flowers! Amber was so surprised to see it. And Ray was amazed. How come they did not know about its existence so far? The valley was full of pink flowers. They carefully tread their way across the periphery so as to not hurt the flowers and complete almost half a circle to see what’s next.

A narrow bushy lane awaits there. Ray leading Amber, they crossed the lane and suddenly everything turns into pale green . There was an open vast big green field. With breeze swirling across it, it was a sight to behold. Green fields with no sounds in the background. Only the breeze making a whizzing sound. Again they ensured not to trample upon the crop and make their way across the periphery. This time with a little rush in their bodies. Amber was so elated and started running. Ray followed her.

Some yards ahead, they saw the horizons are meeting. And the world changed. It’s all brown and rocky. Dry and arid. Their smiles got diluted and started merging into the brown terrain. But then they looked up. It’s blue . So blue. So blue that the brown floor is not even noticeable. The blue is overlapping the brown as if to convey you can’t defeat me. Ray and Amber, with a distance between them, stood dumbfounded ; looking at the sheer majestic blue sky. For few moments they forget the purpose of their journey that they had to walk ahead to meet the colors of the Rainbow.

Gradually but swiftly the blue starts turning into black. It’s unbelievable to see how neatly it’s turning into black. Their eyes could capture the whole movement of the brush painting the blue to black. The brown floor was smiling. With the roar of the lightening, it started laughing that you can’t defeat me. And the black and brown merge. Merge well. Ray and Amber rushed back; holding hands.

Amber wanted to tell Ray to take refuge somewhere and wait but Ray was concerned . And so they ran. Ran back through the brown floor, through the vast green field, through the valley of flowers. The black clouds started pouring now and pouring gallons of water. Amber was drenched . Ray was drenched. Their legs were walking but they were not walking. They were drenched not only with water but also with the sorrow that they were not able to meet the Rainbow.

Next day, next afternoon, they met again. This time they were going to repeat everything that made them happy except the promise that this rainy season they have to go down to that corner of the world to see the Rainbow…

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