What it takes to understand constructions and design

If you are willing to enlarge your knowledge about constructions and every tiny secret they hide, you are in the right place. It is quite hard to understand how specific functions work regarding the development of a building, which means paying attention to many details and factors which can affect both quality and looks. The vast domain of construction and design can’t be mastered in a few days, but informing yourself and assimilating the basic definitions and features will definitely help in your journey.

Understand complicated concepts:

· Envelope

The exterior of a house requires attention, especially when it comes to enveloping. If you are not familiarized with this concept, you should consider contacting some building envelope consultants that can answer all your questions about what enveloping consists of, taking into account that building envelope means roof, floor, doors, windows and walls. The structure of a house determines its support, remembering that the exterior walls sustain both their weight and the roof or any other upper floors.

· Waterproofing

There are several types of waterproofing in buildings and they are chosen accordingly to every customer’s needs. The main methods are cementations, liquid membrane, bituminous and polyurethane (coating and membranes) waterproofing. It should be targeted at the basements of the structures, for walls, bathrooms, kitchens, balconies, terraces, roofs and so on.

· Cladding

Cladding means applying a material over another to provide a certain type of layer or membrane. It is also targeted towards the exterior of a house for protecting purposes. Cladding shields constructions against damaging environmental conditions. Compared to the structural frame, cladding does not offer weight support to the main architecture of a building. It can make a change in terms of both efficiency and physical aesthetics. There are several types of cladding you can choose from depending on your needs and on the conditions in your location.

· Glazing

When it comes to windows, the main question is what kind of glazing you should choose. Double or triple glazing is recommended for the best preserving of energy in a house. A better glazing reduces the heat absorption and, although it is pricier, the long-term savings will be greater than you expected. Investing in glazing can visibly improve the energy preservation in your home.

· Roofing

Appropriate roofing consists of good surface materials, including wood for framing, under-layers, panel sheeting and not only. When talking about roofing, aesthetics are a big part of the deal, because besides providing sheltering, roofs complete the looks of a construction.

Keep in mind what services you can use:

· Investigation

There are steps that should be following in investing a construction site before actually starting to work on it. Step 1 would consist of interviews between the owner, the users and the personnel and of a building inspection (work conditions, problems with the area etc.). Step 2 means a summary of the actions executed and a main hypothesis of the plan. Step 3 presupposes reviewing all the compiled data and a succinct report.

· Assessment

Assessment means determining if future investigations are required, if a new hypothesis is needed or if issues or problems occur. This service offers you the best decision making based on the information gathered.

· Recommendation

This service summarises the priorities you should follow in your construction journey. From recommending suitable plans of action to changes of payback periods, it is all here.

· Initialization

The actual initialization of the process means developing the scope of work, budget, schedule, the implementation methodology, the contract documentation and management.

· Management

Management itself requires planning, organizing and controlling the resources and implementation of the project. Besides that, there is the coordination of trades that needs to be taken care of, along with meetings with the team to ensure maximum performance. Management also means cost control, monitoring all the resources implied, plus a strict following of the evolution.

· Inspection

Reporting the progress is used for good practices in order to properly inform the customer. A construction means engineers, architectural workers and specialist, auditors, electricians and other qualified personnel. The inspection phase allows the client avoid conflicts-of-interest regarding his construction.

· Confirmation

After everything is set and sound, there is a confirmation service which responds to the client’s after-questions. The outcome of the whole process is carefully re-analysed based on the performance analysis and details that weren’t properly managed will be re-checked. It is important that the initial plan meets the final expectations of the client, so the resources used display the actual result.

Keep track of:

· Design assistance

· Plan reviewing

· Shop drawings and submittals

· Pre-construction meetings

· Tests

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