Why entrepreneurs do not talk of their mess?

The life of a rural entrepreneur

It’s been a while since I want to write about my new life, talk about it, share my experiences and exchange with other entrepreneurs who jumped the leap into the “unknown” like me.

To be honest, I talking about writing but I also thought about creating my own YouTube channel. Despite all the admiration I have for those who did, I will not be able. On one hand, it will take me so much time, lots of time that I do not have. On the other hand, it would be far too engaging to me. This reminds me of those situations where you are asked to dance in front of your colleagues or when you are forced to laugh in public: there’s just way I’m going there! In fact, I realize that it is the problem when one decides to share his entrepreneurship experience, it’s intimate and private. Being an entrepreneur is taking advantage of your strenghs to carry out a project but mostly discover your weaknesses and your ability to withstand the problems. More importantlu, being an entrepreneur is accepting to be wrong, accepting to misunderstand the situation, accepting to loose money and customers due to a bad business model. In short, situations in which you are not very proudof.


This word is not going too far. It’s been seven months since I launched my project. During its development, Google has been my best friend for benchmarking, marketing, communication and prospecting. Whether on forums or YouTube tutorials, I really enjoyed the experiences of other entrepreneurs on the other end of the earth or just a few kilometers from home to solve all kind of obstacles and finally, I succeed in solving most of of them…except one.

The day I typed “entrepreneur blows” in Google, I got nothing.

So I certainly have not done in-depth research but when you’re and entrepreneur you do not have that much time to waste. The information is supposed to come up on the first Google page and it was not the case.

One question: why entrepreneurs do not they speak of their bad time?

Why is it always easy to announce a major fundraising or an expansion? Why the business world liker to talk about failing but only after talking a success?

With these short notes coming up, I hope to share my experience with all the fools or fools-to-be like me who dare to go!