People are just good

The life of a rural entrepreneur

When you’re about to start up a business you have a lot of needs and fears. One of the big need that I had was pretty usual and practical — I just needed advices. At the same time, I had one fear, as I was new in the business, I was thinking that any competitor or partner that I will met are will take advantage of my position by in withdrawing me information or data carefully collected — paranoïa.

How to get the best advices?

As a young entrepreneur I was really careful about any advices I could get. Hopefully, Belgium is full of incubators and public services devoted to help entrepreneur but at which door should I knock? Where can I get the best coach? Who could help me to make the best business model? After a lot of research and emails I realize that every organisation had its own advantages and disadvantages and that it was quite impossible to find the perfect match. Therefore, I decided to choose best combination for my business but at the same time I was still looking for a better option.

On Thursday afternoon, as I was pitching my business to a prospective partner, a 50-something self-made woman. She told me something that made me realize that I was totally wrong by trying to find the best organisation to incube my business.

“ Cynthia, the only person that came make your business a success is you. And I’m sure that you have the strenght for that”.

People are just good

As an entrepreneur you always have that presupposition that people will not really help you because they have their own business or even worst, you think that people could gave you bad information — in other word, you are too suspicious.

I do not know if I am lucky or if it’s just the way business is working but I’m gonna tell you two stories about my entrepreneurship experience.


Actually, Caroline is the woman I mention above. The day we met I was wondering how I could get information and help from her without being fooled. As the meeting was going on, she started to gave me new perspectives about my business model. She spent the whole afternoon with me listening to me and telling me about her experience.

I left her office with one question: Why is she so nice to me?

And I had my answer as I was remembering our meeting. She told me that she just have nothing to loose to share her experience. “It will always pay forward!” she said.


John is a succesful salesman that I met in my previous job. He’s in charge of organizing many networking events, when I contact him I was hoping he could gave me good information about which events I could attend. As I was pitching my business, he understand that I had no clear methodology in prospection. Therefrom, he decided to gave me a lessons on B-2-B prospection. He also gave me precious contact relevant for my business.

Despite my first experience with Caroline, I was still questionning about John. Has he have just to much time to waist? It was even weird to me because he told me that his networking events will not be that relevant for business, therefore I may not become one of his clients.

To be perfectly honest, I still not have the answer to that question but there is one thing that I am sure of:

If I have the opportunity, I will also be good to someone.