Cypherpunks and the Metaverse

The concept of metaverses is not new, but interest in it skyrocketed after Facebook entered the metaverse market and caused a stir in the crypto space. This excitement has led to a sharp increase in interest in the metaverse and investments in them. However, games are just the tip of the virtual iceberg; the possibilities of the metaverse are much wider and richer.

The key to the metaverse can be found in non-fungible tokens and the crypto space. NFTs or non-fungible tokens provide ownership of digital assets and investments, NFTs can be used to buy and sell virtual property, works of art, tickets for virtual travel or festivals and concerts. A metaverse coin is a type of cryptocurrency that funds each metaverse platform and can include fees, rewards for node holders, staking, and more. It is also used to create virtual world platforms.


The idea of ​​the metaverse coincides with the first ideas of Cypherpunks: anonymity, computer technology and digital currencies, without state control.

As the developers of the Cypherpunks NFT collections, we are confident that our non-fungible tokens will rise in price in the near future, and there are several good reasons for this. The first one is the uniqueness of the collection. Secondly, Cypherpunks NFT will soon be able to be used as avatars for mastering the metaverses.

Unique historical NFTs from Cypherpunks can be used in various metaverses and Play2Earn games. In the virtual world, participants can create, purchase and monetize various game content or virtual experiences.

The technological, as well as investment goal of this, is to connect physical reality with virtual reality, creating a digital space in which we can all come together and perform actions that affect both the virtual world of our Cypherpunks and the real and physical world.

NFT Metaverse

Non-fungible tokens are unique and cannot be substituted for any other tokens. They are the virtual asset that underpins the growth of the metaverse. They also represent intangible items, such as in-game collectibles, images, videos, or other virtual objects. The NFT ownership record is fixed on the blockchain and can be exchanged for digital assets.

NFTs have the features of smart contracts, thanks to which the agreement is provided and automated. Depending on the request, this feature makes it easy to buy, sell, or share. This means that you can use NFT not only to invite friends to your private space but also to enter events that require tickets, such as festivals.

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CypherPunk unique NFT collection

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Cypher Punk

Cypher Punk

CypherPunk unique NFT collection

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