Join Whitelist for the Anarchists Collection!

🚀 Want to be guaranteed to get the latest NFT Anarchists mints for 0.03 ETH? Join our Whitelist!

🌟 How to Participate?

1. Follow @Cypher_PunkNFT on Twitter

2. Follow our Discord

3. Repost and like messages about WL on Twitter

4. Make 10 invites to Discord

📌 Join Gleam and leave your contacts

😱 If you are a Cypherpunk or Rebels holder, just repost the messages about WL on Twitter and you will get a spot

✨ 5 people who brought the most invites from the giveaway will get a guaranteed WL spot

🔥 There are only 1000 spots in WL, hurry up to join!


  1. Which NFTs will be in the handout?

There will be 1000 spots in WL. Users who will get on the list will be able to mint NFT for 0.03 ETH, the regular price is 0.07 ETH.

2. What is special about the “Cypherpunk: Anarchists” collection?

“Cypherpunk: Anarchists” collection of 7777 NFT includes 30 unique Antagonist NFTs, which are the exact opposite of Cypherpunks and aim for total surveillance, financial control, and a ban on the free use of encryption and cryptocurrencies.

All participants in the “Cypherpunk: Anarchists” sale will have a chance to get one of the 30 “Antagonists” NFTs. Like the 30 Cypherpunks, the 30 Antagonists will have unique benefits within the game being created:

  • Each cypherpunk and antagonist will have their own real estate in the cyber city
  • They will be able to use this property to receive important resources
  • They will become the leaders of their consignment in a global confrontation

3. How to find out if I am eligible for WL?

After fulfilling all the conditions, you will receive the whitelisted role in Discord. Roles will be distributed with a delay of 5–7 days

After 21:00 GMT on March 6, we will start counting the accounts that have successfully completed all tasks. After that, the names of the people, who got a spot in WL, will be exported to the table.

4. How and where to mint NFT?

The button to mint your NFT will appear on our official website after March 6.

5. How to determine if there are 10 invites?

Go to our Discord to the channel -check-invites-

Enter the /invites command and the bot will automatically show you how many invites you have. If you have enough, make a screenshot and attach it here.

6. What if I am honorable cypherpunk NFT owner?

In the same form, only repost and upload a screenshot to prove your NFT ownership. You can use the OpenSea webpage or your Metamask wallet to make the screenshot. Make sure that the owner’s ETH address is visible.




CypherPunk unique NFT collection

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CypherPunk unique NFT collection

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