We're Giving out 3 Rare NFTs from the Original Collection

Don’t miss your chance to take part in the Cypherpunk NFT Giveaway! We will distribute 3 Cypherpunks from the first original collection. Join us, complete simple tasks, and get guaranteed rewards!

🔥 Total Prize Pool

3 Cypherpunks from the original collection (3 winners in total): https://opensea.io/collection/cypher-punk-nft

🌟 How to Participate?

1. Follow @Cypher_PunkNFT on Twitter

2. Follow our Discord https://discord.gg/v9tmbBpjPx

3. Repost and like messages about Giveaway on Twitter

4. Make 10 invites to Discord

🔥 To be eligible for the giveaway, you need to complete all the tasks and fill out the Gleam form → https://gleam.io/vMtAk/cypherpunk-nft-giveaway

🚀 How to Confirm Invites

Make 10 invites to our Discord server. Then go to the #check-invites channel and send a bot command /invite. When you have 10 invites, we’ll give you an Inviter role. That means you’re eligible for participating in the Giveaway!

Rules for Giveaway

  • The competition runs from 4 to 9 of February 2022 until 21:00 GTM
  • Only participants who will do all the required tasks are eligible to receive the reward
  • Multiple or fake accounts are not allowed and they will be eliminated
  • Spamming is not allowed and will not be tolerated
  • There are 3 possible winners
  • We will contact the winners via email that was written on Gleam


1. Which NFTs will be in the handout?

These will be 3 random NFTs from the first collection, which will belong to the project at the time of debriefing (starting from #19).

2. What will happen if all NFTs are purchased by the end of the competition?

In this case, we will provide at the disposal of the winners of the NFT, which are planned for the minute. At the moment, out of 30 NFTs, 25 have been issued, and 5 more remain to be released.

3. Can I participate from multiple accounts if I complete the contest conditions on each of them?

Multi-acquiring is not allowed and we reserve the right to ban accounts that are found using bots or multi-acquiring. You can invite your friends to participate and thus split the invites if you have the opportunity to invite more than 10 people.

4. How will the winner be determined?

After 21:00 GMT 02/09/22, we will start counting the accounts that have successfully completed all tasks. After that, the names of the participants will be exported to the Wheelofnames form for a fair and random selection of the winner. The process will be recorded on video and we will post it the next day.

5. If I win, how and when can I receive the NFT?

We will contact the winners as soon as the results are determined. To receive NFT, you will need an ETH address (your personal, the address of the exchange will not work). The easiest way is to use the Metamask browser extension. All NFTs will be sent no later than 02/11/22.

About Cypherpunk NFT Collection

The first Cypherpunk NFT collection consists of 30 valuable tokens. The figures in the first collection are the most significant and are advantageous in that they comprise a larger allocation of in-game currency. See the first collection on OpenSea https://opensea.io/collection/cypher-punk-nft




CypherPunk unique NFT collection

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Cypher Punk

Cypher Punk

CypherPunk unique NFT collection

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