Waves Community, we need your help!

As you know, Waves NG is just around the corner — exciting, isn’t it?!

Such a major development release has to be organized and coordinated accordingly. This also includes documentation, particularly our Wikipedia page. This is exactly where we need your help!

Wikipedia relies heavily on external sources and references. We’d like to ask you to send any link to external sources, references, articles, whatever to submit@wavescommunity.com. Please use “wiki” as subject to make our lives a little easier. Below you can find a list of topics we would like to cover in our Wikipedia page — make sure the reference you send fits into at least one of these topics.


1. History

Any common Waves descriptions, history milestones, new feature releases and general media Waves coverage will work.

2. Architecture

Here we need to cover technical solutions that are describing our blockchain. We need any information related to Waves blockchain, Waves tokens, MRT and WCT tokens, Waves-NG, Waves proof-of-stake protocol, mentions of Waves’ upcoming smart contracts and so on.

3. Platform

Any information related to platform products: Waves Wallet, Waves DEX, ICO platform/token launcher, any possible mentions of upcoming features like blockchain-messenger, etc.

4. Ecosystem

Main reference to this part is how ecosystem is described on ETH’s page https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Ethereum
We need to gather everything that is related to Waves in this way. Any apps that are built on the Waves Platform, any ICOs/tokens released on our platform, articles describing the network effect.

5. Mining and leasing

Here we need any waves mining and leasing publications.

6. Partnerships

Any partnership publications.

We appreciate each and every submission so don’t be shy. Thanks in advance for helping us out!