Why I am the Best Cell Around!

I am the Cytoskeleton, and I believe the cell would be nothing without me. I do all the heavy lifting around this place and I deserve more recognition than I get. Some interest facts about me is I am the railway for all the proteins to transfer. My filaments help form the long poles that help hold the proteins. One of my filaments, microtubules, stretches its long legs to transport the proteins to one pole to another. Without me helping the confused, little proteins, there would not be any DNA replication. As a result, there would be no living things on earth.

Also, I am the backbone for cell movement. Without my help, the cell would not be able to hold its shape. However, because I am able to move and change when necessary, this makes me the most easy going, likable organelle around. Unlike these other fools, more specifically, the chloroplast and the nucleus, the cell would be nothing without me.

Furthermore, I have the ability to repair myself. I never see a doctor because I always take care of myself when I am sick. The other organelles are too weak to build up their strength. They need help from white blood cells to be able to function properly. I believe that cells can rely on me because I can hold my own. Due to my large structure and important roles in the cell, Eminem would say, “It feels so empty without me!” . These are only a few reason why I am the best candidate for the Harbor Beach Organelle election!

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