The Media Treats White Drugs Users Like Angels Who Lost Their Wings and Treats Black Drug Users…
Son of Baldwin

I agree with your premise and your points. I do think the reaction is also partly because of class, though. Meth and other drugs that are known for wrecking the lives of poor whites didn’t get this much attention. Having said that, I think the average person in the U.S. probably cares more about poor whites than they do black people in any income bracket.

I also think it’s worth noting that race isn’t mentioned at all in the text from either of the two supporting articles you posted. There’s nothing to indicate the race of the drug users other than references to their class. We’re left to guess what color their skin is. I think in all probability you are correct about their races. Thanks to hundereds of years of racist policy, “well-to-do suburb” pretty much always means “white community”. Poor parts of cities are also almost always black thanks to redlining, everything before it, and since. I don’t know anything about Bedford-Stuyvesant, but I’m willing to bet it isn’t a rich, white neighborhood.

Thank you for taking the time to write this.

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