This dude…wow.
Amber Lisa

If there is anything to be learned from her, it’s that she’s effectively monetized her ramblings. Of course, that’s easier for her because she fits the standard of beauty her audience wants to see and says the things they want to hear. It’s nothing profound, though. Telling people what they already think isn’t an accomplishment. Figure out how to do what she does with your own thoughts while reaching an audience that disagrees with you and you’ll have achieved something real. Not suggesting you should do this or that it’s even possible, but it’s what we need. With enough voices, someone might eventually break through, but it certainly doesn’t help that people who should be supporting you are tearing you down before they’ve even heard a word you’ve said. His comment simultaneously says that he doesn’t know a thing about the women of color who are speaking up and also that they’re doing it wrong.

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