Would I Let My Daughter Work for Uber?
Would I Let My Daughter Work for Uber?
Jeffrey Carter

Your title implies that you can veto your daughters’ choice of occupation. If they’re minors, you certainly can. If they aren’t, it strikes me as odd that they would need your permission. Would you have phrased it differently if you were talking about sons? If you had a son would you let/want him to work at Uber? This isn’t intended to be judgmental. These are things I struggle with, as I have two daughters of my own. I find myself worrying if I’m too protective of them and if I’d be as protective if they were boys. I want them to be safe and happy, but I also don’t want to send the message that they’re weak/delicate and need a man to protect them. It’s difficult to find a balance between protecting them and making sure they’re prepared when they finally step out into the world.

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