Meet Our Interns! - Elisa Giannozzi

by Boris Klinka

Name: Elisa Giannozzi
Date of Birth: 15.09.1993
Nationality: Italian

Before coming to the Czech Helsinki Committee, Elisa, graduated from the University of Bologna in November 2015, with a degree in Foreign Languages — English and Arabic — and Literature. Having high-level English skills, she completed one year of her Bachelor’s Degree in Edinburgh in 2014. She also worked as an English teacher in Bologna for a variety of students; adults, teenagers and children. She has come to the Czech Helsinki Committee with a good capacity for understanding complex and comprehensive topics.

In the next year she would like to pursue a Master’s degree in Middle Eastern Studies; which includes politics, history, culture, law, gender and language.

As she wants to find a job with social utility, for example in the field of Human Rights, her internship at the Czech Helsinki Committee is an appreciable and enriching experience.

Elisa also enjoys travelling, and has been to France, Germany, Scotland, Spain, Croatia, Greece and Morocco.