Thats racist and I stopped reading the article here.
Naval Saini

Before making quick judgements, try reading more closely.

Also, it doesn’t hurt to finish reading an article that you disagree with. Listening and reading is the first (and most important step) to understanding and empathizing. If you read more closely, you would have discovered

that her comment isn’t racist at all. She is merely commenting on the fact that we live in a world which has recently emerged from the age of global imperialism. Imperialism — largely at the hands of white men — set the stage for present day power dynamics. Consequences include (but are not limited to) English becoming the most commonly spoken language; western-style fashion spreading across the planet, replacing other cultural fashion norms; the USA being the most economically powerful country in the world (resulting in massive cultural influence, too).

Many of these present-day norms would not exist it if wasn’t at the hands of imperialist powers: Spain, UK, and Holland. To this day, white men still have more economic and political power then everybody else — in governments, in news outlets, in Silicon Valley, in Wall Street. They still have the most influence and power over cultural norms and the status quo.

I don’t think her comment is racist at all — white, male preferences have permeated societies all over the world. She isn’t saying “white men are _______”, she is saying their preferences have the largest affect upon aesthetic demands on women.