What I learned from my social media fast
Tina Seelig

WeChat should be called WeStress

Taking a break from WeChat (China’s social media platform) was incredibly stress relieving. I didn’t realize how many times per day my phone required my attention for social media.

In four days away from WeChat, my inbox accumulated nearly 1,000 new messages.

The stressful impact of social media became immediately apparent. Not only does the constant need to check WeChat distract me and harm my productivity, the pressure to constantly be socially connected was substantial.

After a month of a WeChat break, I felt much more creative and focused on the tasks in front of me. I also felt more fulfilled by my social, in-person experiences. It sounds silly, but I began to appreciate eye-contact again.

I’m unsure if I’m ready to cut off social media entirely. But I am certainly more cautious of it becoming a wasteful distraction.

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