Hey Kurt,
Morgan Rock Loehr

I agree on some level with the your insight into the popularity of “social icons” (rappers, Kardashians, movie stars, etc.). And strongly support your goal of becoming The President by garnering the greatest number of clicks.

As a part time evolutionary behaviorist, I view this as an evolved social behavior based on millions of years of evolution. It comes down to a modern permutation of “the survival of the fittest” with the animal need to be at the top of the pile, king of the hill. In pure evolutionary terms, being the Pack Leader means you get your choice of reproductive partners, resources (food, shelter, cars, whatever) and the best chance to pass along your gene pool. It’s this need to compete for survival that drives human and other animal social behavior.

Media figures are glamorized by images of them flaunting their “Pack Leader” status and activities which are carefully orchestrated to appeal to their “pack members”. All whom watch carefully for keys to their success / signs of failure and voyeuristically share their Pack Leadership experiences.

So it’s not surprising to me that Bill Gates, Stephen Hawkings, Warren Buffett and others of their ilk are not high on the social radar of many people since they don’t publicly exhibit the traditional social characteristics associated with Pack Leaders. And therefore don’t resonate with most peoples evolutionary imperative.

So be kind to the people who watch reality TV and read People Magazine — and click on self help articles — it’s their nature.

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