The U.S. Presidential Campaign Speech Never Written

Good morning fellow Americans, men and women of this bountiful and resourceful nation with a troubled past built on extermination of an entire people and the enslavement of another. No better and no worse than other nations that have succumbed to their baser instincts in the name of ‘good greed’, progress and rightful conquest. A country that has both denied others opportunity and fervently espoused it for its sacrosanct citizenry, all the way making moral concessions in the name of advancement and some dubious claim to religious superiority, an inheritance from an age old tradition of Man versus Man.

We stand here today to examine the state of our affairs and seek solutions for problems, to carefully select a leader that will shepherd our country through the process of governance which is based on our imperfect and oftentimes messy reality. For every time we reach a successful outcome, we will have created a new situation where some will win and others lose. Such is success, with its shifting borders, and such is failure.

We are aware of our shortcomings before our strengths and we endeavour to change what needs to be changed without letting ego get in the way. For this, we rely on scientific evidence but also on our highly evolved humanism. However, we know that, sometimes, the best of our intentions, efforts and rigorous research will engender unintended consequences. It is before this fact that we stand in humbleness and refrain from overreaching ourselves with empty promises. There are times we will fail and must concede but true bravery can only come from acknowledging our failures rather than absconding and evading responsibility, all the while perfecting the process and safely testing the outcomes.

Where there has been great victory and success in our collective human history, there has always been catastrophic failure and loss. Of that we are aware and that awareness can only embolden us to tread the right and oftentimes winding and circuitous path forward rather than stumble along an elusive short cut that could undermine our values. But we will always act with urgency for our wellbeing and that of fellow citizens of the earth and there will always be times when we get it wrong. That is inevitable.

We seek to embrace our revolutionary progress, the extension of our minds and our highly evolved selves, not with arrogance but with kindness and meaningful utility. The power of these creations have superseded the sum of all their parts and they are our modern day tools in man’s never ending quest to enhance his existence. We will always be at the center of this progress for we are its instigator. With this godlike function, we are moved to create benevolently and conscientiously.

In spite of all our achievement, we have come to terms with uncertainty. There will always be questions we cannot answer in spite of our best efforts and highly evolved intellect but we are curious enough to delve into the unknown and unknowable and challenge ourselves for along the way of discovery, we will have grown richer.

We do not deal in absolutes and moral platitudes. Thankfully, that era is behind us. We realize how our words can create beliefs and false aspirations that can superficially calm our fears but we know that deception is not a sustainable currency. We paid a high price for party politics and we are in a better place now that we no longer resort to governing under rigid labels and euphemistic slogans.

We accept that utopian aspirations are only as good as reality permits and we will no longer send prophets on that doomed path.

We have all accepted that our systems and processes carry within them inherent faults, reflecting life’s rich complexity but that does not prevent us from continuing to test and improve them and, as a result, discard if necessary. Such is the price of progress.

I stand before you as an enabler of such progress and renounce the cult of personality. If I indeed earn your vote, may it be because of vision and prior actions that will have merited your trust and confidence in my abilities as a leader. As a public figure, I partially cede my right to privacy and you may chance upon my imperfect character traits but I trust that you will not fixate on matters that have no bearing on my leadership qualities whether they are positive or negative. If you see me falter or err then you must also rest assured that I am surrounded by sound judgement and that my decisions will only emerge after a consultative process. If I succeed, let it be known that it was through careful deliberation and thorough consideration of facts.

If you vote for me, I can promise you nothing more than what is doable and what is achievable. But I do promise that I will spare no effort in its attainment and that I will surround myself with people whose foray into government is informed by their need to serve and serve alone. For them and for myself, it is not a position or a job or status but a calling. A mission and a way of life.

It is with this desire to serve that I stand before you and let you be the judge and the jury.

N.B.(Please refer to my detailed and documented position on every matter deemed worthy to the electorate as a matter of public record).