Welcome to The Future of Technology

The ever-changing face of technology, driven by society’s aspirations and demands, has brought us more efficient modes of transportation, more intuitive user interfaces, more useful gadgets, and just more in general. That’s the nature of technology, to enhance our lives in ways that we previously only imagined. So what’s next on the docket? What technology will provide us more cool new things to play with? Well, rooted at the base of all of our desires as a society lies the answer. We inherently long for smarter technology; technology that can learn from its surroundings and from us; technology that can adapt in ways comparable to the human brain. At the root of our technological desires as a society lies Artificial Intelligence.

Machine learning, neural networks, cognitive networks, and machine intelligence are all buzzwords that fall under the blanket of Artificial Intelligence. The common thread is simply that software has human-like capabilities in terms of intelligence and learning. AI has sparked a mad rush in the tech industry to be at the forefront of this very promising concept. Companies have started incorporating AI in every application possible. IBM produced the purest form of Artificial Intelligence in Watson, but other than that companies have used AI more to supplement their products. Apple invented Siri to serve as your “mobile assistant”, Google made Google Assistant to analyze patterns and predict what you’ll want even before you do, and both Tesla and Google created self driving cars utilizing the capabilities of machine intelligence. Very soon, every piece of technology we own will in some way be enhanced by AI.

Artificial Intelligence provides the basis to effectively alter the way we use and interact with technology. Think Jarvis from Iron Man, HAL from 2001: A Space Odyssey, and even the “droids” from Star Wars. AI has endless applications and, as such, will be the focus of the next technological revolution. Imagine every person having a Jarvis-like assistant on their phones interacting with them and making their lives easier, or being able to send droid-like helpers into forest fires, oil spills, and natural disasters and have them assess and alleviate the situation all without placing human lives at risk. This gives AI not only the ability to make human life easier, but to save it as well.

Artificial Intelligence provides tech companies a wonderful new tool which in turn provides us access to the technology of tomorrow. It’s proven extremely promising since its inception, and will go on to change the makeup of our society. As a society, it would benefit us to see AI be integrated into the devices we use in everyday life. Smarter TVs, phones, cameras, washing machines, refrigerators, computers, thermostats, speakers, and even lights would all serve to make our lives more efficient and easier. AI should also be used to conserve our natural resources, and prevent unnecessary waste. By building smarter machines we can reach peak efficiency and eliminate the needless expenditure of resources that cripples our environment. AI clearly has implications stretching across every facet of the world we live in, and that is a big reason why it’s the key to building the future we have come to expect from science fiction. Thanks to Artificial Intelligence, we are at an exciting turn in the story of technology, and I can’t wait to see where it takes us.