Seal enemy voices(satanism) of what tool instead.

And japanese enemy’s real.

A hotel, inside this tools


*eternol & actived water

His flavor well impression uprise, its so critilcal of devils voices.

And basically, argon poir to nose is critical.

There poisongus, atelek likes fall down bloods drugs, and Pb, etilen, halogen insides.

Especially, Pb is most bad for bodys. And this steel mists reflects doppler, sound happen.

Because, N98 mask is not luck, safe works.

PHOBOS,ARGOS was supported(or armorised any of taiwany, I thoughts)other countrys peoples, there movements armish.

And, A by now magic(religional development) heres to apps.

If, your impressive, test this apps.

In apocalypse era, futurize scifi techs, more occult areas, because, spiritual methods and magic used defending there technology.

Magic setup, example kimon-tonko, boom up magnetic elek power gain, science, because, them sheild threw your bodys evil radio waves weaken, most efficients.

This is apocalypse.

Most of magic(healing devils) is my independent experiments, 21 helios, and my stringed gods detects, and sacred symbol make(or decide, re-discovery, many of writen for buddhism texts), and there cleary happen, gods was powers taken.

This is zarathustra based, buddhist works in see, my indivisual lessons to, apocalypse in bible context inplain, targets to shinto’s(about fusimi inari) gods waken methods to modern efficients.

But, handwriting former notes is nothing, in stolend recently in train, fuck.

But, in my brain remains.

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