Noe Rios, Digital Strategist

On any given day… you can find Noe sneaking slices of pizza between meals, judging restaurants on their ambiance (**sees restaurant with good lighting** — “that place looks delicious”), and watching music videos on YouTube.

Noe joins the Day One team as a Digital Strategist. He started working in the digital space, right out of college at an SEO agency founded by a couple of his UT Austin college buddies. From there he moved into hospitality marketing, working at W Hotels in Austin and eventually Los Angeles. Once in LA, he took a deep dive into social media marketing at an agency called theAudience, creating content and managing editorial for a long list of clients (Stuart Weitzman, Robert Downey Jr., The Chainsmokers, American Express Serve, Pharrell, and McDonald’s). From there, he was recruited by Ayzenberg Group to develop brand voice as a copywriter for Microsoft Surface and Sonic the Hedgehog. His favorite accomplishment at Ayzenberg: a web series for Sonic’s YouTube channel called “Sonic the Hedgedog,” starring his own bulldog, Baby.

Noe grew up in San Antonio, TX and lived in Austin for 12 years before moving to Los Angeles. He’s spent a year living in a different city every month across Asia, Europe, and Latin America, with a program called Remote Year. He then relocated to New York City, and worked on-contract with Day One, running all things Shop Small ahead of 2017’s Small Business Saturday.

You can find Noe on LinkedIn.