Benefits Of Manual HTML Coding Over Automated Tools

Converting the Photoshop designs to HTML add interactivity and functionality to a static PSD file. There is always a choice to be made between hand-coded or automated code in order to achieve pixel perfect HTML conversion. In this article we well discuss how hand coded markups can never be replaced with any automated tool or software.

There is no denying the fact that there are many online tools and software which allow you to convert PSD to HTML in a relatively less time. Although these tools boast of SEO optimized and semantic HTML format, the codes generated from such tools are often reported to be bugged.

People with lesser to none knowledge of HTML prefer automated coding whereas experienced developers with deep understanding of HTML/XHTML/CSS choose to manually code web layouts for better results.

There are many companies which provide manual HTML conversions, but it is important that you get in touch with the right service provider. The manually coded pixel perfect HTML coding is of a great significance over the automated counterpart. The hand coded and SEO optimized website plays an essential role in putting forward right business message to the target online visitors more effectively.

Manual coding written and tested through professional web development services are optimized, easy to understand and read, table less and free of any code smells, which cannot be expected with an automated software. As a result, there is always a risk associated with using automated tools for getting the premium quality HTML conversions.

The automated code may appear to be cost-effective and quick, but it lacks accuracy and precision. Manual coding is easy-to-read which most of the trending automated software and tools fails to provide. These tools are restricted to perform certain functionalities.

As a result, an automatic PSD conversion works on almost a same predefined way, keeping the output similar in most of the cases. You cannot personalize the final output of your website as per your preferences, which makes a complex procedure for the webmasters.

Unlike manual coding, an automated software does not guarantee a bug free code syntax. These bugs later affect the overall appearance and functionality of the website and hamper the online integrity of a business. To deliver premium quality output, the conversion of PSD to HTML has to be bug free.

The manual codes are written in a SEO friendly manner. On the other hand, the automated code generated from a software is not SEO optimized. The backend code of a website has to be search engine friendly if you want the website to perform well on the internet.

Hand coded websites are known to be SEO friendly, compliant as per the W3C standards, easy to edit, retina optimized as well as engaging. Moreover, hand coded websites also experience more traffic due to the manual coding.

Being a task which requires skills and dedication, only an experienced HTML developer with the strong knowledge of HTML/XHTML/CSS mark-ups can manually code the layouts for the websites more efficiently. Only a dedicated developer can ensure you of better results in terms of cross browser compatibility, clean and semantic coding and pixel perfect templates which accounts for the desired customer satisfaction.

By keeping in mind the facts discussed above, it is rightful to say that manual coding goes a long way if you are looking for error-less and semantic coding for your HTML website. Rather than using the automated codes used in converting the PSD design to HTML, which are prone to bugs and crashes, it is feasible to opt for hand coding.

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