Sentiment Analysis 🙇🏻‍♂️🥴

New, Frontiers, Ahead, !

CSV (Cockroach-like Standard Vernacular)

Engineering Repercussions

Giving Camels some Comfort in the Crowd

Lyrics Gone MAD

Failure and Support

Unhealthy Boilerplate

Making it all work: RECONnaissance

These are the TOP songs and artists in India

API data → Song Attribute Graph

But understanding the lyrics is not how we choose our songs, do we? Sometimes, we just like the artist; or the genre (like Punjabi Beats), or the topic (like…

Graph based Summarization and Keyword Extraction


Mining Paradigmatic Word Associations using Jaccard Index to compute similarity

Example in Neo4j video

Mining Word Associations

Current state of my Graph Database

The list key conundrum

Devansh Trivedi

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