Attractive nuisances & known hazards

No break in
this dreadful pleasant weather is forecast

Where are the gray days that can scour my soul ?

An unbeliever left with
and not much else making but a poet’s progress of 
halting certainty
and its opposite number

The spiteful sun sings yellowed harmonies behind
another needless endless summer

But our thirst is slaked by
rain only!

Sometimes it rains

One drop of
that stuff can fill whole reservoirs with
forgiveness !

Sometimes it don’t

I stick the broad hook of
my nose out
the window

We only know it rains

Weathered headstones labor beneath 
heavy clouds

And then it won’t

I draw down the
tired air of
another half-done day

But the sign on
the door said we could redeem our longings on
the way out !

So thoroughly thoroughly thoroughly have I squandered by
the hour each hour

Find the end of
and there you have it

I rise to riffle my desk for
something… something… something…

Starving for
something with
the taste of
sky in

I start to thinking maybe this just might be that strange familiar sensation of 
the wind rising
and the barometric pressure diving
and the clouds setting free one drop
and then another
and another

Enough of
the chit-chat 
cuz nature bats last
and that’s that

Petrichor rises from 
the thirsty earth

Desires seed
while satisfaction saps

We take to high ground where even there the water rises to wet our cuffs at the edge of
this new shore beneath 
the weight of
the water of
the world


Words & images by D4 2017