10 Reasons to Hug a Plumber

In honour of Hug a Plumber Day- when you catch a free moment sometime this week, go to a place where plumbers are known to hang out, grab hold of one and give them a big warm hug! Your public display of affection is bound to be appreciated — after all, plumbers are the mainstay of our nation and the masters of #fixology. They keep things flowing in the most literal sense, stepping in to deploy their hands-on skills in situations when we most need them.


Here are 10 reasons to show some appreciation:

  1. Plumbers are public safety champions, as they have to know their way around the sometimes complicated maze of building and water regulations. These regulations are in place to maintain safety standards in building materials and our water supply — that’s a whole lot of knowledge to grapple.
  2. Plumbers know their pipes, which come in a variety of forms, from copper, PVC and reinforced plastic. Our plucky plumbers need to recognise which types of pipes apply to the project in hand, which vary according to the period the property was built in. They also need to work out the differing pipe systems in domestic, commercial and industrial settings.
  3. Plumbers keep things cooking. Not only do they fit, service and repair hot and cold water systems, they also know how to fix cookers.
  4. Plumbers are like Batman — responding to our distress calls, regardless of time of day or season. They are typically on hand for 24-hour call outs, ready for emergency calls in the wee-twilight hours when the majority of us are asleep.
  5. Plumbers are the true domestic guardians, installing and fixing those domestic appliances we couldn’t do without. Think of where you’d be if you couldn’t have your dishwasher, washing machine or shower fixed!
  6. Plumbers are mathematical and engineering geniuses. A key skill that plumbers regularly have to apply is the ability to follow technical drawings and plans.
  7. Plumbers put in the study time: It takes up to 3 years for a plumber to learn the theory of plumbing, the rest of the time is taken up by practical training taking place on the job #hardgraft.
  8. Plumbers keep our homes toasty. They can also be qualified as heating engineers and registered on the Gas Safe Register to ensure that your heating systems are installed and repaired safely. Check the HSE Guidelines to see how your engineer is required to comply.
  9. Plumbers are natural problem solvers, troubleshooting and fixing a range of household glitches which baffle and confound the majority of us. From frustratingly slow drains, to leaky toilets and singing pipes, plumbers have the whole gig covered — clever bods indeed!
  10. Plumbers take stressful conditions in their stride. They’re often called upon to keep their cool in the midst of gas leaks, raw sewage situations, water pouring through ceilings and heating systems breaking down in the dead of winter.

So remember all of these wonderful facts as you enclose your plumber in a hearty embrace. After all, it’s always a good thing to show some love!

If you’re in a plumbing fix, get in touch with one of DAD’s friendly Experts with a convenient #videovisit via our app.

  • Disclaimer: Our technicians are open to virtual hugs also.
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