10 Uses of a Lemon: Our continuing bitter love affair!

The humble Lemon is an everyday fruit all around the globe. We enjoy them in drinks, desserts, or as garnish and recognise their bitter yet thirst-quenching taste! But, did you know that lemons have many other helpful uses? Most of which have nothing to do with food! Lemons truly are the superhero fruit! Here’s why…

1. Clean out your cheese grater

Grating cheese leaves a moldy mess on your grater that can be difficult to remove with soap and water. Rub a half a lemon on the outside and inside of your grater. The acid will help break down any residue, and will leave your grater shiny and clean ready for that yummy Waitrose Parmesan.

2. Brighten your laundry whites

Forget about bleach and other harsh chemicals — brighten your whites the natural way! Squeeze a little fresh lemon juice into your next load of whites. Not only will the clothes have a fresh, clean smell, but the lemon’s acidity will help to remove stains and brighten the natural whiteness, making your clothes look brand new again. Yay!

3. Remove a garlic smell

We all like to cook with garlic, but doesn’t it make your fingertips smell after chopping it. Lemons to the rescue! Make a simple scrub with lemon juice, olive oil, and sugar. Rub onto your fingers and it’ll leave your skin feeling soft and smooth, getting rid of any foul garlic smell that may be lingering. Clean and fresh!

4. Keep your rice from sticking

Cooking great rice can be challenging enough, but when the rice starts to stick and clump together, it can ruin a great dish. After fluffing your cooked rice, add a splash of lemon juice to keep it from clinging together. Plus, it brightens the flavour, and you’ll have perfectly light and fluffy rice to serve with any meal. Yum!

5. Refresh and sanitise your chopping board

Whether you use your chopping board for meat or veggies, by scrubbing it down with half a lemon, you’ll refresh its overall look and increase its longevity. The acidity of a lemon will help to sanitise the board. This is especially useful if you cut a lot of raw meat!

6. Disinfect fruits & vegetables

Dilute lemon juice with water in a spray bottle, and use it as a disinfecting cleaner when you bring home fresh fruits and vegetables. It will help to naturally get rid of any pesticides or dirt, and you’ll have healthy, clean produce to snack on. Nomnomnom.

7. Your natural hair highlighter

Bleach and other hair dyes, can contain harmful or damaging chemicals. If you want to lighten your hair for a pre-summer glow, try using lemon juice. Leave the juice in your hair for several minutes (either all over, or in highlights) and you’ll experience a natural lightening that is inexpensive, with absolutely no harmful ingredients involved. Easy peasy!

8. Soothe a sore throat

Don’t keep buying expensive cough drops — lemons can soothe a sore throat naturally! Squeeze a bit of lemon juice into a mug of hot water or tea. The acidity will help to break down any mucus, and reduce inflammation. Lemons are also full of Vitamin C, which is essential in helping you on your path to recovery from a cold or sore throat. Achooo!

9. Asthma rescue

The Vitamin C naturally found in lemon juice helps to boost the immune system, and fight symptoms of respiratory issues, such as asthma. Lemons are also naturally high in antioxidants, and can fight against any foreign contaminants that may enter the lungs to cause an asthma attack. Wow!

And finally, after all this reading, you must be hungry….

10. Make a yummy salad dressing

Lemons are naturally acidic, but also extremely low in calories. Add a drizzle of freshly squeezed lemon juice to olive oil, salt and pepper, for a light and refreshing dressing to toss with salad greens. It’s a perfect way to get your ‘greens’ on!

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