14 (FREE) days of fixing! How to get your home shipshape inside 2 weeks

Get your pad in great shape in just 2 weeks with our 14-day free trial. To help you on your way, we’ve put together 14 recommended fixes to fine tune your home and bring back #houseproud.

A call to us during the 14 day trial period will summon the expertise of our knowledgeable and friendly experts. We’ll direct you through the job in hand and offer a spot of encouragement — free of charge!

Appliances and white goods

Action those long-left fixes on appliances you’ve been meaning to sort out, but haven’t had the time to get around to. Kitchen appliances in particular, are subject to heavy use. Whether it’s a lukewarm fridge, a faulty ignition switch on the gas hob or an oven light that’s flickered out — fixing these everyday glitches is well worth the attention.

Call DAD for: Safety-conscious ways to clean appliances to restore efficiency, mending switches and cables and finding the right replacement parts.

Painting for perfection

‘Before anything else, preparation is the key to success’. These wise words from telephone pioneer, Alexander Graham Bell, are as relevant to you, embarking on an epic painting job, as they were to the great man himself. Prepare — prime — paint! A well-executed painting job can give your space an instant lift and is not difficult to achieve, if you follow the steps.

Call DAD for: Painting tips to ensure a smooth, professional finish, whether to use an undercoat or a primer and ideas for fantastic feature walls.

Cutting in

While we’re on the subject of painting, the skill of cutting in deserves a category of its own. Shoddy brushstrokes around light switches or unsightly blobs of paint against the outer edges of your newly painted cabinet can ruin the entire look of your project. The basic way to cut in with flair is to load your brush with paint and apply to the edge of the surface with constant, gentle pressure and a steady hand. This is a fix which demands patience and zen–like calm.

Call DAD for: Essential cutting techniques for ceilings and skirting, painting around doors and windows and achieving sleek, blob-free edges when painting items of furniture

Restoring tired skirting boards

Skirting boards are an often overlooked and underestimated part of the home — leaving them neglected, scuffed and tatty. Although visitors rarely come into your home and comment on the loveliness of your skirting boards, clean, solid and freshly painted skirting has the power to brighten up a room.

Call DAD for: Sealing gaps between the skirting and floorboards, smart sanding techniques and masking tape tips for mess-free results.

Refreshing the woodwork

Wood is a highly versatile and natural material which adds warmth and character to any home. Now and again, it deserves a lift to restore its unique grain and beauty. The beauty of this fix is that it will help to preserve and protect your wood against damp, stains and scratches.

When working with any form of wood varnish, make sure that you are working in a well-ventilated space as those fumes are pretty strong. We also advise that you avoid shaking the pot of varnish, as it will create air bubbles; a major varnishing peril!

Call DAD for: Removing carpets, sanding and prepping floorboards, how to restore the natural grain of wood, staining wood to perfection.

Assembling flat-pack furniture

Assembling flat pack furniture is often cited by us Brits as a testing task. The fear of ending up with back to front doors, upside down handles and the obligatory missing nut plagues the country with flat pack tales of woe.

Flat pack furniture should however be given its due as a category for its sheer ubiquity. The contemporary home would be all the poorer without it. And let’s face it — there’s a certain sense of pride which comes from constructing a new cabinet to showcase your treasured knick-knacks, armed only with an Allen Key.

Call DAD for: Stress-free assembly tips and moral support throughout!

Affixing shelves

Shelves are a practical and attractive way to create extra space and display the things you love. Affixing shelves however is a precise job, which needs plenty of planning. It’s important to take accurate measurements beforehand, to ensure that your shelves fit snugly. Your dimensions and preparations will also vary depending on the type of shelving you opt for (wood, floating, glass etc). Also be aware of the range of fixings available, and which are appropriate for solid or partition walls.

Call DAD for: How to measure up, fitting box shelving, fixing your shelves straight and securely and professional painting advice.

Picture hanging, affixing curtain rails and blinds

When hanging pictures or installing curtain rails or blinds, applying accurate fixings is the central part of this rewarding task. A decent spirit level is an essential tool in getting this just right and learning to use one properly will set you on your path to DIY Master!

Call DAD for: Hanging pictures without damaging the walls, locating wall studs and measuring like a pro.

Balancing the heating system

‘Balancing the heating’ sounds like some mysterious process, involving an intricate ceremony requiring the services of a shaman. In reality, it describes the slightly more mundane fix needed when some of your radiators are warmer than others. The process essentially involves turning the heating off, opening the radiator valves then tuning the individual valves until they heat up at the same time and are therefore ‘balanced’.

Call DAD for: Identifying what type of radiator valves you have, how to turn the valves off and general preparation for staying cosy this Winter.

Tightening bolts, handles and switches

Doors, lights and wardrobes— we put so much everyday pressure on them without even knowing it. But help is here — you can fix those loose bolts, slack handles and sloppy switches and get back to what you were doing before you were locked in the bathroom because the door handle wouldn’t budge.

Call DAD for: Fixing light switches, repairing door handle mechanisms, tightening nuts and bolts effectively.

Sealing a bath or shower, mould removal

The sight of mould embedded in old, peeling bath sealant hardly sets the scene for a spa experience! For mild cases of mould, give the affected sealant the once-over with some water and bathroom surface cleaner. Then apply bleach, leave it to settle for a few minutes, then work at it with a soft bristled brush. In the cases where bleach doesn’t cut it, you’ll need to remove the old sealant and reseal.

Call DAD for: Mould removal expertise, resealing baths, sinks and shower trays.

Changing a plug

Changing a plug is one of those practical household fixes which is handy to know. Damaged plugs and blown fuses may be a safety risk, so need swift attention. Most plugs are very straightforward to fix — you just open them up and the layout is clearly marked. However, when there are exceptions to the rule, or for any safely concerns, DAD is a few seconds away.

Call DAD for: Replacing fuses in moulded plugs, checking plugs for damage and explaining how things power up in your home.

Replacing a toilet seat

A wobbly throne in the smallest room of the home is one of those under-reported domestic irritations which we have all suffered! This fix is relatively easy and with only two standard seat sizes and a myriad of styles to choose your replacement from, it’s stress-free too.

Call DAD for: Using hidden fittings, removing the old toilet seat, dealing with rusty or worn nuts and bolts.

Cleaning and treating sinks, basins, trays and steel

Grubby fingerprints, water spots, dried on food stains — your sink bears it all without so much as a whimper! So it’s worth investing some time and loving attention to these hardworking spaces by giving them a treat and deep clean. The treatment you apply to your sink depends on its material. When cleaning, in most cases, warm water and a mild detergent will do the job but overtime it may start to lack its sparkle.

Call DAD for: Treating and cleaning special materials, such as granite, simple ways to make steel surfaces shine, cleaning basins and trays.

We hope these 14 fixes will rejuvenate your home. Sign up to DAD now and we’ll guide you through every single fix via video call for FREE.

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