It’s Only Feminism When It Suits The Masses

This amazing woman above is Semenya. For those who don’t know who she is, she is a 25 year old, South African 800m athlete currently representing her country in the Olympics. She shot to stardom in 2010 at the World Championships when she dominated the 800m event.

But in 2012 she was nowhere to be seen. Because she has a rare condition that means she naturally produces 3x more testosterone than other average females.

Investigations were opened against her because of her dominance. It was then found that she did not possess ovaries, but testes that were inverted. But she possesses the necessary “equipment” to be classified as a woman and was brought up female.

This type of discrimination is frankly, disgusting. Her life was put on hold due to something out of her control, that gives her a natural edge over her competitors.

Do we discriminate against the 7ft basket ball players because they are too tall? Against the physically dominant boxers because they are too muscly? — No.

So why do we discriminate against this incredible athlete. Well… Paula Radcliffe has been quoted as saying:

“When we expect Semenya to win, it takes the sport out of it”.

Ok then Paula, so are you saying she should compete with men?

I am sick of this feminist BS that digs ANYONE out that doesn’t hit a strict set of guidelines about benefitting ALL women.

It is ridiculous that organisations are setting targets for numbers of female senior members of staff. So does this mean a fully capable male will lose out due to sexist/discriminatory targets?

We should all get to where we want to be off our own merit and Semenya is doing just that.

Yes she has a natural edge in her sport, but then so does Shaq, or Ronaldo… hell can we go on to discuss how much of an advantage these beautiful movie stars have over the average person just because of something they have no control over.

People should admire Semenya for what she is doing for the sporting world. Raising the bar, just like Jessica Ennis-Hill did. Just like Bolt has.

If not, let men and women compete together!