Why There Should NOT Be Another Brexit Referendum

The people have spoken, the UK has decided to Leave the EU; just in case you hadn’t heard, which you most probably have!

What does this mean? Nobody really knows. One thing we do know is that its split the country almost in half with a 52 v 48 to the motion to Leave. A majority vote which has caused the social media world to explode with outrage. Many Remain voters expressing their disgust, which they are well within their right to do. They voted.

Any of the around 27% of the UK that didn’t vote, in my opinion have no right to complain. People are well within their rights not to vote for what ever reason. However, you cannot complain about a result that you did not try to effect. If you were a footballer who missed a match for what ever reason, and your team lost, realistically you cannot complain as you weren’t there to influence that one game.

There is no excuse not to vote. The system is set up in such a way that voting is one of the easiest things to do.

To register, you go online, enter a few details and you are eligible to vote. Everyone that I know has access to the internet in some form. If they don’t, they know someone who does have access.

To cast your vote, there are a few different ways.

  • A Local Polling Station: Usually within walking distance. Mine was no more than a 2 minute walk. A similar distance I may walk to the shop to get some milk.
  • Postal Vote: Handy if you are immobile and unable to attend your polling station in person. This is done before the vote and is often useful due to it’s flexibility with time restrictions. I know of one case where a woman cast here vote and sadly passed away shortly after, but her vote still counted. Voting from another life!
  • Vote by Proxy: Similar to the postal vote, if you are unable to attend the station, you can appoint someone you trust who is going to the station to vote on your behalf. I did this for my father this year as he was on holiday.

So there really is no reason you cannot vote. So if you didn’t, don’t complain.

On to the title of the article.

Why should there not be a second referendum despite now over 2 million people signing an online petition to push through one? Because there was a fair majority.

One thing that hurts me is that many young voters are blaming the older voters for voting leave. First, not all Leavers are old. Nor are they uneducated as much of the media would have you believe. Secondly and more importantly, what gives anyone the right to disregard a right to vote, just because the voter is statistically more likely to die before a younger voter? Much of the older generation were involved in the second world war in one form or another. Even more were involved in the rebuilding of the country after. All of them have gone through two global recessions and come out fighting. They are p*ssed off! They want change and people need to understand that.

Maybe Leaving is not the change that should of been taken. But can we say with certainty that Remaining was the right choice either? Yes, the experts believe that Remain was the safest option, and we saw from the value of the Pound Sterling dropping so dramatically, that they were in part, right. But many of them would of felt that by doing things that we did before, we would get the same results. Which is fair.

If a scientist repeated an experiment and kept seeing negative outcomes, they could conclude that what they were doing is causing the negative outcome. To continually repeat this process in the hope of finding another outcome could be argued to be mad.

This is how many people felt. Not literally word for word, but metaphorically, the majority wanted change. This is why the UK should not have another vote. As the majority voted at that time to Leave. We were informed of the dangers, of the once in a life time chance, and the people voted Leave.

I bottled it in the final days and voted Remain due to fear of the knee jerk reaction and lack of substantial voice on the Leave side. I do believe the UK can be great alone. I just wish we would of waited a while longer, to prepare the world for the leave. Yes the UK has two years to start making preparations, but two years in business terms is a short period of time. It will cause a number of rushed, poor decisions by businesses and politicians that will further hurt the UK economy.

To the Leavers I say: You voted for what you felt was right, for what ever reason and you won. Be aware that it will not fix everything in the UK and it will likely cause a lot of harm in the short term. But I do genuinely believe the UK will be great in the long term.

To the Remainers I say: You lost. Stop being sore. If the vote would of been reversed, you would not have understood the complaints as it would have been a majority win. All you can do now is accept what has happened and attempt to help the country move forward.

Please stop attacking the old for having a view.