Top 7 Freelance Websites to Find Jobs & Hire Freelancers

Freelancing has become a buzz word in the Information Technology and Internet-based services industry. There are many aggregator websites which facilitate you to hire freelancers and freelancers to search for projects and work on mutual benefits. We will see top 7 freelance websites for you to start your freelancing journey.

1. Toptal

It is a freelance network of high skilled software developers and designers from around the world. There is a tough screening process and leaves only top 3 % of the talent is selected. You get a choice to decide how many hours you want to invest in freelancing work and you can set your rates.

· They hire freelancers who are experienced and talented only.

· Clients have to pay $ 500 deposit to start a project on this site

2. Upwork

The two big freelance networks Elance and oDesk merged to form Upwork in the year 2014. There are millions of registered users on this platform. With neck-to-neck competition, it is extremely difficult to get projects on this website for many freelancers.

· For entry level through experienced folks

· Hiring Client pays 2.75% per payment

· Freelancer pays 20%, 10% or 5% based on relationship with Upwork

3. PeoplePerHour (PPH)

The UK-based PeoplePerHour is an aggregator site for all skills related to web projects, including development, graphical design, digital designers, SEO, etc. Each WorkStream is communication, management, and payment of your work in single place. It is a good platform for web based projects and is worth checking out.

· For anyone but in general, demands are more for experienced folks

· Freelancer pays 15% of the total bidding price to PPH

4. Freelancinggig

This one is a relatively new freelancing site along with an informative technology blog attached to it. The client can post free projects and has a good social impact than other sites. Worth registering for free and start bidding for projects. You can also create your freelance services and sell them at fixed cost.

· For entry level through experienced folks with unlimited bids

· Freelancer pays 7% of the total bidding price & no membership subscription

5. Freelancer

Freelancer also attracts millions of projects and freelancers, and you see the competition and know where you stand related to other competitors. The skill tests allow you to go higher in the skill level by passing different online exams.

· Hiring Client pays 3.0% per payment

· Freelancer pays 10% for every fixed price project on

· For entry level through experienced folks, membership subscription applies

6. Guru

You can get daily job matching as per your skills and experience through this site. The work room concept lets you manage all your work at one place. There were many billing related issues earlier, but the company claims that those are all resolved now.

· Hiring Client pays 2.5% per payment

· Gurus pay between a 4.95%-8.95% transaction fee, deducted from their earnings

· For entry level through experienced folks

7. 99designs

As the name says, this platform is typically for designers, and you can also participate in design contests.

· They charge variable fees for clients based on their complex model

· For entry level through experienced folks but only Web-based Designers

The freelancers are plenty, and freelance services are also plenty, but the effective matching and payment protection are key parameters. Similarly, effective management of these websites is a key task, and the success for everyone depends on the same.