Views From A College Dropout’s Unconventional Life — Year 2
Tam Pham

Wished I had the vision 23 years ago, after dropping of college to find a career out of the ordinary, not just join the brute work force.But right now I’m starting to make changes ,started college again, but that experience only has shown me new options And that I should pursue my dreams, my passions. Continuing a sci-fi book I started years ago( writting sci-fi has been a dream I have since decades ago, and looking at options in creating a clothing brand, something that just got into me for going back to college,and a class in business). But the major goal is freeing myself from the 8–5 workforce.And live my life as I wanted it to. To enjoy my life doing what I love, and not just be a slave in the workforce.Something I’ve been since 2 decades, and I really dont recall being satisfied of the labor I perform .