Rose Gold Glasses..

Lessons from the South Florida 55+ Community…

As many of you know..

When I take a few days off… I enjoy spending time in South Florida splitting time between Miami (for fun) and with my family in Palm Beach

And when I head to Palm Beach.. one of my favorite things to do is spend time with my 89 year young mentor, Anita..

As we are in the first few days of 2018.. I figured what better time than now!

So.. she left the back screen door open for me today.. and I walked right in to a 45 minute therapy session talking about life, exercise, and most importantly.. MINDSET/ PERSPECTIVE!

I shared with her my plans for the new year.. my grind in my new ventures.. and she told me: IT IS ALL IN YOUR MIND. IF YOU BELIEVE YOU CAN DO IT.. YOU WILL.

She then went on to tell me.. when she was moving though her professional career.. her co-workers used to chat and gossip… and she never even saw the things they were gossiping about..

They used to tell her she saw the world through ROSE GOLD GLASSES.. and she said you are right! And what is wrong with that? Why focus on negative?

Now.. living alone at 89 in her 3 bedroom condo.. she lives life by the saying SIMPLE IS BETTER. SIMPLE IS MORE.

And..after spending her career working for beauty company, REDKEN.. she also shared how important personal growth and personal development work is every single day. She hits the pool for 90 minutes per day.. rain or shine.. because she has to do it.

She has a rule.. she uses her kitchen cooking timer with a bell when she is upset.. and sets it to 5,10,15, or 20 minutes.. and when the bell rings.. PROBLEM OVER!

No matter what it is.

She trained this response. The brain is a muscle.

The mind is also more predisposed to negative.. so we need to hijack the mind to stay positive…

And if left untrained.. your mind will drift negative.. anxiety will set in.. and you will lose your perspective..

So.. let’s all commit together to training our mindset each day.. and setting our own timer.. ( I will give more tips and hacks to keep us focused this year)

In the end.. there is more life to be lived when being happy than being worried.

Happy New Year.


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