Most people think the classic sign of aging is their first gray hair or their first wrinkle. Those are definitely signs but not the most pronounced.

The most pronounced sign is demonstrated through posture. Forward Head. Forward Lean.

Classic. Take a look at any 55+ community and you will see a group of “LEANERS”. Some say they are “shrinking” but most are really leaning.

I have this theory that the Forward Lean Tribe will be growing rapidly over the next 20 years due to more “sitting and texting” from the up and coming minor league “leaners”.

Look around your office today. Who is already leaning? Some forward, some are tilted to the side and some can not even keep their head upright without a downward “texting” angle.

Interesting. We often forget just how powerful a dominant upright posture is.

From energy flow to outward confidence and room ownership, posture is essential.

When we fall victim to Forward Leaning Syndrome, we are giving away our power. Not to mention, a higher rate of back pain, more joint dysfunction and a complete inefficiency to train muscle and movement patterns correctly.

Balance? Yup, that begins to disappear as well.

Core Stability. Planking. Rowing Movements to stay upright and pull the shoulders back. Stretching the pecs after work each day by laying on a foam roller. Even a monthly massage will provide tremendous benefits.

In our culture today, we sit more, delegate more and do less. This is a perfect formula to join the LEANERS sooner than later.

Also, when we begin to lean, we also begin to lose our posterior. Glutes. Hamstrings. Etc. We create weakness on the posterior side of body due to the heavy anterior load. Ladies, this leave you wondering where that great perch you had at one time has gone. #truth

We often times blame adult falls and missteps on bone mass erosion but we must look towards forward leaning as the initial culprit. This process begins way before bone erosion.

So for today, I want you to have a friend or family member use your camera phone to take a few shots of you:

4.Side Profile from the other direction

The key is to be as natural as possible and get into your “normal” posture.

If you want to remain young, this is your starting point.

Great posture = Better Body Function.

Great posture = Better Digestion and Organ Function

Great posture = Better Energy

Believe this. Trust that posture is your gateway to musculoskeletal and internal health.

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