IDO Subscription Tutorial

Whitelist Stage

2 min readNov 4, 2022
  1. Enter url:

Connect to the BSC wallet address

BSC parameter setting

● Network name: Binance Smart Chain

● RPC URL: “”

● ChainID: 56

● Symbol: BNB

2. Enter the subscription page

3. Register whitelist

4. Complete the task and fill out the Google form

Subscription Stage

1. View the whitelist winner list

2. The pool is adjusted as follows:

In the first 10 minutes, only the whitelisted winners can buy from the pool.All users will be allowed to subscribe 10 minutes after the pool opens.

3. Enter the amount to be deposited and click “Approve”, then check in your wallet

That’s the end of the subscription process!

Cross-chain Transfer

If you need to transfer assets across chains, you can use the cBridge on DAOStarter.

Celer cBridge using tutorials:

Token Claim Stage

Waiting for the final moment of the countdown, click “Claim Token” to get tokens




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